Secret of Mystery House 2

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NOTE: Read many of the reviews and suggestions, I will apply them to them game. More story elements in it, clean bugs, make the game faster (faster walk, almost no transitions). Yet the game still can be played thru though with no problem, and the atmosphere is intended, Isolated, quiet, creepy. Will make the update soon. Needs more frosting and a "gotcha" element.

This is the sequel to Secret of Mystery House posted last year around Halloween season. It is a point and click adventure/scavenger hunt. You walk around an abandoned elderly care center searching for clues to find a missing priest, or proof you did...

This game was build over the last one, and only worked on it with whatever spare time I had left from my full time job -which is working with games too- during a two week span. I just did it for fun.

Hope you enjoy it.

-----------------UPDATE: Nov/4/2011 - 10:30PM-----------------

After viewing some reviews and even watching a walkthrough video (thanks a lot to the person that did it) I noticed some crucial bugs that pretty much take the game progression to a way not intended. It is fixed now. Also the video was from an earlier build, and those issues were addressd that same day. (see Nov 1 Update). Really, thanks for playing and giving feedback and even taking videos, it is good feedback and I can learn from it, and probably make an even better third game. Yeah I wished I had more debugging time, but working with two games at once on my full time it is a little difficult. I will work on the next one with more weeks ahead of time.


- some paper items inside X and Y room were left by accident with same photo references, hence giving a picture item in advance.

- Lowered intro audio a bit, almost blew my eardrums when using headphones


- Game over screen audio to spook instead of scare.


-----------------UPDATE: Nov/1/2011 - 3:00AM-----------------

- Wrong display message on first room door.
- Using X item triggered secret key to appear in X room. Wasn't intended.
- Dining room displayed wrong floor texture.
- Tab enabled property allowed item finding, hence cheating.

- Intro audio.
- Tittle effect.
- Ending song.

- Activation of Viral form to invite friends to play.



draconoxis and Ezrano.
Okay...you warned me before i started to play,but i dont have time to read ALL the comments,so i read just the new five.
Well,i wasn't expecting screamer...
*Don't listen to me*:P

Almost Blew Your Eardrums.

Thanks for changing it. Almost blew my monitor speakers.

Spooky and Mysterious!

Short sweet and simple point and click adventure requiring you beat the clock. Great animation and music. I also enjoyed the tune from the record player. I only wish there was something menacing to try and kill me, but like you said you made this game just for the fun of it. Keep up the good work!

RetroRex responds:

Thanks for the great comment. Actually since the first game I wanted to add some kind of threat in the game, but left it more as an exploration only game. BUT, I am using the same format of this game to do a survival game, where the player is barricaded on a mansion, and its about moving to different rooms, and putting on defenses and backtracking until your have to do a last stand and fight against a horde of _______. Time will also be a factor. Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed it.

I liked this game. :)

Short and Sweet.

My only gripe is that there are so many rooms, but there isn't much with which to interact. Other than that, the game went smoothly from beginning to end, and it had a nice creepy atmosphere. Nice work.

To vhescalante: (spoiler alert) the key for the door in the dungeon is in the safe in the locked room on the first floor (at least for me it was).

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RetroRex responds:

Yeah, you are right, 13 first person perspective rooms, and 14 topview. It could've been less. And I do wanted to add more interactive elements, but time was against me. Next time. Thanks for playing!

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3.19 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
6:58 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click