Madotsuki's Dream Dock

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[EDIT 2]
Thank you RRC for the review.
Advertising this as a Point 'n Click game was a mistake.
Guys, I'm an animator...
Which genre should I choose then, if it wasn't a Point and Click game?

[EDIT 1, Already?]
Yeah, I forgot the halloween pumpkins.
It's a click-able, space-able and a-able interactive loop.
How to use it? Find it out.

This is an interactive loop. No over-the-top animations, no action, no story. Nothing. Just enjoy the empty void.

Warning has been hinted in the animation itself. Don't blame me, if you crap yourself.
Please note that it IS loading, even if you get a white screen. I think, it wasn't a good idea, exporting everything on frame 1. =/
Happy halloween, guys.

Something I made in a few days. (approx. 3 days)
Madotsuki is custom made and drawn from scratch.
May contain glitches.

...Jesus, this is the most disturbing thing I've ever made. Watch out for the girl. She can be...

Yume Nikki. Made by Kikiyama.
Feel free to google it.


*Waiting for jumpscare to appear*

Pkmn2 responds:


Holy crap... the last part was horrible i probably wouldve been aware of it if i saw the intro ya know and read the warning

Pkmn2 responds:

You've been "warned".

is this a game? How do i beat it?

Pkmn2 responds:

No, but find the true ending.

well, i just shitted myself.

As you say in the description, it was a mistake to label this as a point and click game. It is not even a game at all, it's a movie. I don't know what you mean by "interactive loop", but the fact that the appearance of the girl changes every time you click it doesn't seem very interactive to me, seeing as it is completely pointless and has no effect whatsoever on the whole movie. Maybe if the flash were labeled a movie and not a game, I wouldn't have found it so bad, but as it is, I wouldn't even have watched it until the end if hadn't been for the other ratings and reviews, out of sheer boredom because simply nothing happened. Yes, you said this in the description, so it wasn't completely unexpected, but it was still terribly boring. You're lucky I even saw the ending, because after some time I started reading the reviews while the movie was playing to find out whether I would miss anything if I simply quit watching it. Having seen the ending, I suppose you added that minimal interaction and the hotspot on that other figure that appears on the right, where nothing happens if you click it, in order to raise expectations that you can really interact with the movie so that the ending is even more of a shock. I can't say that it worked, because the ending didn't really frighten me.

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3.91 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
6:45 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click