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Your objective: Earn one dollar in the month of October by completing various tasks.

Controls: Use the arrow keys and SPACE on the menus; other controls are explained in-game.
Pressing "M" mutes/unmutes music.

If the task of playing for 31 "days" is too much for one sitting, your game will AUTO-SAVE so you can come back and continue later.

This game was made by Nolax Games (NoLan Labs and maxman43) for the Ludum Dare October Challenge 2011.

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i cant seem to rake the leaves if their all in the square i lose because of time

The game is ok at best. It's fairly easy to make the money the game wants you to earn but there are only a few minigames that are fun and you end up grinding those out to boredom quickly. Also the Car Wash minigame is not fun at all, don't pick it. Also finding out where you are when mowing the lawns is kinda wonky, it would benefit from having some box at your feet to indicate what "space" you're on. A

The music was kick ass though but I don't think that is enough to sustain the game. Adding a few more minigames and polishing out the ones already in would make this game awesome.

Eh, I had fun, but it did get boring quick, I just played it to win, and when I finally managed to get $1.01, it froze on me and kept saying press space, flicking on and off.

I found it quite boring and lost interest in the game after a minute or two. Could have more jobs for you to do.

Why wouldn't people roll up their windows at a car wash???

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
5:26 PM EDT

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