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Advisory Animal 5 Points

Discover the dog who can speak in the tounge of man.

Born Again 5 Points

Experience rebirth the first time.

Human Nature 5 Points

Kill a living creature with your weapon

Self Defense 5 Points

Kill an enemy with their own projectile

The Call 5 Points

Awaken her guardians

Facade Breaks 10 Points

Defeat Uzaza

End of Us 50 Points

Complete the game with the aid of the gun

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

11/8/11 Still working on the medals guys, hang in there. Also tried some more optimizing to fix the slippery/sticky controls issue some of you have. (also, if you have a FB tab up, try closing that)

**CONTROLS** LEFT/RIGHT walk left/right UP = Jump DOWN = Raise shield (while standing)/Use Weapon(later in game,while standing)

Oyeatia, creator and god of man surrenders his deity, descending to the green earth in search of a lost love. Gyossait sleeps in the warm black heart of the dying planet, her dreams seep into the weakening minds of man. The end begins.

Update History:

11/5/11 Patched vanishing keys, walking off map, alternative ending, Medals implemented but pending.


Solid but it crashed on me

She glitched out on me when I shot/pushed in the wrong direction one of the spikey death blocks...didn't have the heart to go back though it again and see the ending.

Too bad, the game was certainly above average.

Good design, but had several bad flaws

This game does have potential and I know if you were to tweak some bits and parts this game would be more than 7/10 at the least, but some of the elements in the game really did frustrate me and ruined the game for me.

This game could be a lot better if you made the controls better. In terms of gameplay, the jumping felt far too uncontrollable during flight and it did take a while to get used to. The shielding I think should be able to be used whilst in mid air because several times I ended up getting shot whilst jumping up and even though I could see what was shooting me, I couldn't do a thing about it and then had to take getting blasted back. Another thing was with the keys: although it was good to be able to go back to the place you died if you were carrying the key, there were two times where I had fallen into the spiked pits and I could not get back the key. I would prefer it if you could make the key either respawn back where it originally was or, even better, spawn around some place where the previous character died so that you could simply go back there and pick it up easily. It would save having to restart the entire game from scratch over one small thing that prevents you from progressing. In addition to this, a save system would be good... but I don't know how long/short this game is. I wish I did.

The spawning almost took too long. It was an interesting idea having those white tree-like things as spawn points and how a new little knight/demon/whatever-it-was would come down like at the beginning (seeing the older bodies of where you died was a pretty nice touch), but it felt like it dragged on for a little too long. I literally just wanted to get up and get straight back into the game ASAP. In some cases I couldn't read the text and didn't know what said what, which had me a little bit angered because I thought I wasn't able to read something that could have possibly meant something important. The scenery, even though it was well detailed, felt a bit too tight, especially with the ceilings when I was trying to jump a gap and then the character would hit the ceiling and cut the distance by about half.

On a good note, this game is very unique and interesting. The sounds used along with the images do help build a really abnormal and disturbing setting. As I said, you payed good attention to detail for an indie game plus the doomsday kind of plot made me want to play through the entire game and see what happens at the end, even if sometimes I couldn't quite get my head round what was happening in one or two cases.

Apologies for this review being a wall of text and for trying to sound professional, it's just that I was really looking forward to playing this game and it disappointed me, plus know you could make this game a lot better if you were to change and tweak some of the parts that I mentioned, it really did ruin the game for me.

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Didn't Like it

It was ok. . . I turned the sound up, cut off most of the lights, and the "Fear" started to work for a bit. But it was just to far out there. After "killing" the first "Girl" I was already so disconnected from the experience that the rest of the scary things didn't bother me.

Game play (6/10) - It was alright, nothing that hasn't already been done as far as platformers are concerned, just walk around collect keys activate switches and continue the story.

Graphics (7/10) - Reminiscent of super Nintendo, but they weren't really enough to scare me or impress me, the backgrounds however were quite nice.

Sound (4/10) - I get that your trying to be scary but common man it gets annoying after a while.

Music (?/?) - I didn't hear any music, I heard the background noise while roaming, but no music.

Controls (8/10) - Simple, easy to understand, but i kept sliding around like I was on ice.

Options (0/10): no mute, no graphics options, nothing. Every game no matter what framework their using "needs" options

Warnings (0/10) - You need to put an epilepsy warning on this before someone gets hurt, I'm not sure how much flashing is needed to cause problems, but this game certainly did have quite a few sudden and unexpected flashes. Better safe than sorry.

Bugs: I experienced a crash about half-way through the game where you run-into that 2nd moveable object (like the one that crushed the girl) I shot it with the rose gun in an attempt to move it, and it immediately crashed the game, froze firefox, and forced me to restart the program before the music would stop playing. Also the girls walking around swinging the swords will sometimes get stuck inside the walls of some rooms.

1- Save points
2- options menu
3- Ability to pause the game
4- Epilepsy warning
5- mute buttons

I don't really have any more, horror games are very very niche and I'm not part of that group, however I did my best to be fair and honest with my rating of this game. I hope you fix the bugs and implement options in your next game though.

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The art was pretty good, even tho I wished it was in higher resolution, since it's obviously one of your strength. The atmosphere is great, story is original overall I liked it very much. Then comes the gameplay. Since this was created with stencyl, I kind of understand why it wouldn't be technically flawless.. graphical "programming" isn't really the best way to make games, and I certainly saw many bugs. Like when you die with a key in either water or spikes, you'r either screwed or lucky. The key either pops up back in your inventory randomly or is lost forever.

My 2 cents would be to try collaborating with someone that can code flash and have experience with 2d games. It would allow you to focus on art, audio and story... that would be awsome.. : )

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A good game with an interesting story.

However, it needs a lot of the work. The jumping is very strange. The most common cause of death for the character was because he either jumped too high, or too low. The controls felt like he was sliding everywhere as he moved, which made doing tight jumps difficult. While the presentation and graphics of the game are great, I can't help but feel this was a rushed product.

Either way, for a first flash, this is great. I love strange, psychological things like this.

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Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
5:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other