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This is our entry for the Newgrounds Halloween contest 2011. It was such a huge project, which turned out to be a 4 minutes movie. We had been working on it since Madness Day ended, so yeah, estimate the time and the effort :). Be patient and let it load, it may take some minutes. Check out the movie, we just don't want to spoil it. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween 2011!
Presented by JOYCOT Team.


Have to give it to you.

Pretty fucking awesome. Loved the incredible artwork at the beginning. The art at the middle and end was okay. But speaking of the end, I loved the final battle. And it was pretty long too (That's a good thing). Yet voice would help, a BIT more comedy would be perfect, oh and the reaper dude lacking arms in some scenes, I know that's normal, but it doesn't look good. But good job! Very....

Make a series... PLOX?


Me gusta the fattie's face when he saw he was dealing with the actual grim reaper. Also, nice creeper costume.

kinda liked this one

sorry, a point down 'cause he didn't turn him at the touch, but nice fight schene


Damn it finish the story with the two little kids do they fall in love grow up to be successful and you cut the fight scene in half on me I demand a sequel.......seeing how this might just be ignored I will say good job and congrats YAY :3

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