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Daniel Jung's Sweet Tooth

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This is a game I developed for a week as my Halloween treat for everybody in 2011! Help the ghost gather candies while avoiding dangerous substances such as syringes before the time runs out. The closer the candy is to the center of the ghost, the more points you will earn! Each candy will extend your time depending on its type. Also, you will earn extra points when you land after you jump and catch candies.

Left/Right keys = horizontal movement
Shift = run
Space = jump

Candy corn - up to 10 points / 1 second extension
Wrapped candy - up to 30 points / 3 second extension

Hope you guys enjoy this short game!

Changes since version 1.1:
-changed the alignment of the timer to right so part of it wouldn't be off the screen
-reduced candy corn's maximum points from 50 to 10
-reduced candy corn's time extension from 5 to 1 second
-reduced wrapped candy's maximum points from 100 to 30
-reduced wrapped candy's time extension from 10 to 3
-increased object drop rate so each object would fall within a second

Changes since version 1.01:
-you can now make the ghost run by pressing and holding down the shift key
-I made the actual mouse cursor visible on the main menu when there is a Mochi login widget

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Your getting better

Next time, make the ghost faster.

DimensionalEye32 responds:

I just uploaded a new version. You can now make the ghost run with the Shift key. Thanks for your feedback!