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Super Julio 2

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Classic platform game with Halloween theme.

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Copy cat ;)

Was a cute hallowe'en adaption of the mario bros. games, but the physics engine played more like sonic. If it was intentional, good on ya, you captured the essence well, but make sure you give credit where it's due.

I had fun crushing the pumpkins, the sound was goofy and it give the whole game more charm because of it.

Very interesting concept

As you can tell from the very first moment of the game, it feels like it's a mario-like game. And I actually liked it. It really feels like a true mario game, and I congratulate you for that. But not, for the constructive part of this comment.

Graphics: The textures used in this game really amazed me. They were simple, but they weren't done by some lazy guy with not much time in his hands. It really set it apart from other games with "Mario" as a theme. Also, loved the jumping animation. 9/10

Gameplay: As I had previously stated, this game plays a lot like mario, which is something that is not as easy as it looks and I know it. The upgrades are rather simple, but it's enjoying to kill monsters with them. You've done a great job in this part and I have almost nothing bad to say aboud it other than after 20min playing it, it ends up beign too repetitive. 9/10

Music: I can't say I LOVED the music, but it was interesting to hear it. As I've mentioned before, it is enough to set the mood, but not making it too darkish or light-hearted. Although I liked it, the lack of a "Mute" button really made me cry a bit, as the music is only about 50 seconds long before it goes into a loop. 8/10

Verdict: I really liked this game, it is a good time-killer. The "graphics" are great, the gameplay is decently good and the music is also decent. However, there were some things that I didn't like about this game. The lack of a "Mute" button is a shame, and I didn't like the idea of having a timer in a game like this. But, overall, it's a decent game. 8/10