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A.E. Chronics Epis: 3

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Almost went a year without submitting an animation. Here's the latest A.E. Chronics!


holy mary mother of god! that was absolutely sh** hot! they got special powers now too?! awesome!`

if u added some flashbacks of ur family and friends while ur animated self was in the truck that would be cool

the story is great and the animation too, but in a part where BBD used his shot gun, I was like, you gotta be shitting me.

Good, but needs work.

Aaaaand...only 2 minutes and 36 seconds for something chilling! That's gotta be some kind of record!

Okay, for once, I'm going to put my fanboyisms aside, and instead of just saying "OMG best episod ev4r!" and giving it an automatic 10/10, I'm actually going to do a serious review.

First up: The visuals. It's clear that you're getting better at animating, though some of the tweens still look a little awkward. A couple scenes, like the shot of headlights going past a row of trees(if that's what they were), feel a bit cheap. Some of the backgrounds still look pretty decent, but they're far from flawless. For example, a sign on a gas machine has "Gas n' Go" flipped backwards. The character designs still look a bit awkward, too. I've got nothing against the anime style, but the angular figures and overly sloped shoulders suffer from "uncanny valley" in my eyes.

Next, the voice acting. Hoo boy. This is where this sort of...fails. I have heard MUCH worse voice acting, but still, this is rather disappointing. First, let's go over what was done right. Scoot actually isn't that bad a voice actor. I mean, he isn't that great, but it's obvious he's actually putting honest effort and emotion into his work. Makes sense, considering how much he cares about this project. Also, the voice actor replacing BBD is pretty good at impersonating him, and more importantly, it doesn't hurt to listen to him. Simply put, I don't mind the fact that I'm going to be listening to him instead of BB for the rest of the series. Now for the bad parts. The first problem I have with the voice acting is the mic quality. I can't really hold anything against a Flash animator and his friends for having bad mics, but nevertheless, the differences in people's volumes and amounts of static can be jarring and a little hard to listen to. Next up is the acting itself. As I said before, Scoot's voice acting isn't all that bad, though a little over-the-top at times. Most of the other voice actors have the exact opposite problem, remaining mostly monotone throughout the video, and about as emotional as Keanu Reeves. Mind you, they don't get much opportunity to show that much emotion most of the time; I wouldn't get all emotional over "Doesn't matter. No power," either. Still, a little more emotion wouldn't hurt. But sometimes they show a bit too much emotion. This only happens once or twice, but the transition between under-acting and over-acting can be jarring. A major example of this fault can be seen in the fight near the end, from Swiffer. He goes from showing very little emotion to showing way too much when he says "we came this far i am not gonna die NAAAAOOOO!!1!" The final complaint I have about the voice acting is the voice of Kyo. Now, I have nothing against Amtrax. The issue I have is that it's not Kyo doing the voice of, well, Kyo. Honestly, I'd like to know why. I know why BBD isn't doing his own voice anymore(and judging from the video Scoot posted on YouTube, good riddance), but what happened to Kyo? Was he just unavailable, or did something happen? I'd really like to know, because I'm a bit worried.

Now, before you think that I'm flaming this video or something, let me talk about where A.E. excels: writing. Were it not for the writing, I would have given this a much lower rating. But thankfully, Scoot is proving once again that he is a competent writer. Mind you, it isn't flawless. The dialogue is a little weak, especially when characters are talking about Scoot in third person, as if they're talking about an animal's behavior, rather than talking directly to him. The areas where the writing really shines are atmosphere and grabbing readers' attention. The atmosphere is excellently developed, having a dark, Silent Hill-esque mood. The feelings of mystery, fear, and loneliness really come into the foreground, truly making the viewer sympathize with the characters. Though nothing has really been explained yet in the story, the writing style intrigues the viewer, filling them with a thirst for answers to their numerous questions.

So overall, 7/10.

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Did anyone else notice this?

All 4 of the guys have bright green eyes, and in WHOOKOS like, only one person has green eyes?

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Oct 31, 2011
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