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Necrophobia is a unique match-3 battle game that pits your army of the undead against and even more fearsome foe! With a great soundtrack and innovative game play, youĂ­ll be dying to beat each level.
Inspired from Might & Magic Clash of Heroes for DS. If you like this game, give it a try! :)

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almost win in the wood without upgrade in ancient forest 30 vs 13 life then they turn damn combo instant lose or something make it almost imposible try 5 times after that the enemu hpnot even below 50 D:
still a good game :D

I always come back to this game for the fun story, and the great game play! Complaints? Wish it was longer, and I guess the only other thing I have to comment on would be the ending. English wasn't all that great, but I think the rest of the game made up for it :)

how to get the normal ending?

and like kylealdrete said before... is it possible to win this game without using upgrades?

tempalabs responds:

To get normal ending, you need to win with overall score below 5000.
Yes, it is possible to win without using upgrades. But you must be skilled AND really lucky to pull it off ;)

5 for originality and for making me spend 2 days of excitement.
This is a rare gem but I got 2 complains: the game is short and without upgrades its impossible to finish. I managed to reach Ancient Forest without them.

Nice game, but I found towards the end it was a walk over.

Tutorial took a few tries to understand, but once you got the point of the game it was gfun and enjoyable. Love to see a sequel with more thoughts and ideas put into it. :-)