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Little mini game I made with flash. Simple Idea, had alot of fun making it. It opened me up to flash a bit. I hope you enjoy burning all the ants you like.

-Burn the ants using your magnifying glass before they make it to ant hole. If one ant makes it you lose the goal is to rack up as many points as possible!

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I love killing bugs.
And with fire, too.
Two great things in one.


This is a pretty good game. Smooth graphics and kinda addictive. A little advice if you would make it a little more complicated such as making it where you can move the magnifying glass closer and further away from the ants to find the perfect spot would make this game much more addicting. But overall a pretty good game.

Okay, but severly lacking

This actually seems like a good tower defense, but it's missing lots of things to make it great. It needs sound, either sound effects or music, the game is just very bland. The background looks okay, but I can see the frame on the bottom and top. The items themselves look pixelated and blocky, very low-res.
The game itself, even with these things wouldn't bring me back for any more playthroughs. Perhaps a combo system, multiple ants in a row= bonus points. Levels, maybe random items to help kill ants, or things to slow them down etc.
Alot can be done with this game, you just need to put more effort into it.

Whod3n responds:

The reason it is so low res is I actually made this for a company that uses small dimensions but when it comes to sites like these it is nice to have a bigger frame so I stretched it. I appreciate your feedback though :) I am currently working on adding spiders, sticks which you can set fire to and the ants get burned as they walk through it, and Difficultly increase notices because right now it is a little deceiving till later on.