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My first ever flash game. A mini-platform game for the Halloween contest. Follow the adventures of Kin the pumpkin. He traverses through the dangerous world of Hallowville, battling evil to seek his missing loved one.
Note: Game may run very sluggish on slower computers. Runs full speed on my school computer [3ghz / 4gb ram]


2. There are extra lives hidden within the game.
4. Bat's behavioral patterns are random
3. Look before you leap!


FlameEX - Game Design & Character Sprites [MS Paint]
MarcstaR - Music Tracks
freesound.org - Sound Effects
google - brick and sky textures

If you find any problems or glitches, particularly concerning physics, lives, or issues progressing forward, message me and I'll update it.

Happy Halloween

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why do you have foreground elements completely obscure everything..?

and why does acceleration feel so horrible?

and why does a single hit from an enemy freeze you and then start the level over?

nothing about the design makes sense here. sorry.

Great for your first!

It's a very good game for your first one! Just try working on smoothing the platforms ( you could easily see the borders of each block which made it a tad bit less attractive xD)!.

Atleast it's better than my first game LOL!


nice first

I didn't find it difficult at all i have played a lot of FIRSTS and i can assure you this is one of the best

A good game, but too many bats.

This kind of game would benefit by adding some way to defeat the bats. I like that they move randomly, but you might also want to add enemies that just sit or only move in one direction. You might want to have fixed spawning points, so that the player can learn how to act and not rely off blind luck. Try playing a game and taking notes and just focus on one simple thing at a time, like how each enemy moves in a stage, or where that enemy typically is spawned at.

okay, No!

Pros, music is allright, controls worked fine, and I'll even call the art acceptable.

Cons, The foreground. It's a nice concept, but not when it hides enemies in behind the first area you have to jump behind. Three out of my five lives, I did not get past that first bat, because I couldn't see it at all. That's not being hard. What that is, is not giving people a chance to even really play your game.

Even when I did get past that first bat, I would soon run into others hidden behind pieces of the foregrounds.... Just.... rethink it. You've got the skills required to make a great game, just not the planning.

Credits & Info

1.77 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2011
7:17 PM EDT

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