I Want Your Blood!

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Here is a quiz about Blood Donation, decorated in a Halloween style. It is suitable for all viewers, although it does contain images of a medical nature...

Update- through judgment at 3.02. Cool.
Update- Music adjusted as much as I can- I don't understand why when I download some of the tracks they come to me incomplete- Never happened to me before?! Why must we always have trouble with Sound in Flash?
Update- Thanks to the Review Request Club for their detailed and helpful reviews. They are one of The TOP clubs on Newgrounds. We are dead chuffed to get such a good response from such experienced people.

There are still glitches people have not found yet- see if you can find them before I get round to fixing them! Also there is a blatent e-egg to get.
If y'all bother to finish the quiz there is actually some more stuff to find and explore afterwards.

Please consider recommending for Halloween 2011 collection.

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pretty good

i believe this quiz game has pages of action script, considered as effort. well done.
i have no idea about medicine and stuff, but i learned something from this. also its not just "right" or "wrong". it also explain why you are right and why wrong. some stupid choice i made makes me laugh at myself after reading why im wrong.choice of music is pretty good. just the graphics isn't attractive enough.

IceDragon64 responds:

It is not technically difficult to do a quiz, though it is a lot of buttons to program and it get very laborious to do it properly, then check every single answer for every question for glitches.

It is SO important to give informative responses to wrong answers, otherwise people get bored and learn nothing from it.

NOW, Manuel I need to you to do 2 things in this coming year:

1. Go and give blood- they really need it iin your country.

2. Get started on our collaboration !

Thanks for the review.

Not bad!

I actually found this quiz rather enjoyable, but a couple things did bug me;
- The pink/purple color combo for the intro was pretty hard on the eyes
- I didn't really like the way that the music looped here.

Once you get on to the actual quiz though; I found that thinks are a bit better.
The questions were good, and the information that you gave for each answer had a decent amount of detail! also, I really enjoyed the music used for the quiz; very nice, and perfectly suits this game.

My only complaint here:
- I wish the backgrounds would have been more detailed than just solid color w/ a black gradientor w/e

Overall, Not bad work; just would have been nice to see that little extra bit of effort!


-Review Request Club-

IceDragon64 responds:

1. pink? It looks lavender to us- which goes harmoniously with purple. This mild colour compbination is intended to contrast strongly with the next section in drastic reds etc. The whole lot is intended to be a flippant justification for the connection of Blood and Halloween.
2. Sorry about the music, I am wrestling with it- I will continue to wrestle with it.

3. Oh, dear, the bgds again! Alright, I will see what I can do for the next quiz.

NOW SONIK- Go and give blood. Just do it, then PM me. No excuses- this is one NY resolution that you CAN and WILL keep, which will be an unforgettable experience! :)

Bloody quiz...

This is a pretty good quiz about a very serious topic. I wanted to donate blood for quite some time now, but never got around to it. Something I should put on my list of New Year's resolutions, I guess.

The graphics are very bland. The background isn't that appealing to the eye, but at least the text is readable. The musical choice fits the halloween theme, but most of the time the songs didn't loop too well in the game, which was slightly annoying.

I like very much that we can learn something from this game (I learned which day's the world blood donor day, for example). I also think the questions are very well chosen.

On a sidenote: There seems to be a bug with question 20. I got the answer wrong and yet I still proceeded to question 21.

{ Review Request Club }

IceDragon64 responds:

What is stopping you!?! If you send me proof that you have donated blood, I will put your name in the Notes! Do it and get others to do it. It is a GREAT feeling when you have done it. As you sit with the other guys who have done it afterwards you feel like you are ONE OF US!

Ah thats just it, in order to make sure that the text is 100% clear and large , the bgd has to be reasonably simple. I don't see why so many people complain about the Bgd in our quizzes- most quzzes have far less art/pix than ours. Nevertheless I will think about improving it for the next quiz.

Sorry about the music quality- the DS just ALWAYS have difficulties with sound and this took hours just to get it this good.

You guys just don't get it, do you? If you re-read the response you got for your chosen answer, you will see why you had to go forward. Just think about where else we could have sent you. Sorry guys but we thought that would be obvious.

Thanks very much for your review

Could be better

Well at least you are learning a bit when playing this anyways. Kind of bland with graphics however. The answers to each question are good and nice to see how some questions have confusing answers to throw you off a bit too.

Game play is alright anyways.

Level 1 - Just fine
Level 2 - Just fine
Level 3 - Music glitch; when you fail a question the music will begin to play over the other music making it into a headache after answering a few questions wrong.
Level 4 - Just fine, an added question
The End - Clicking it leads to a door bell ringing and a wolf coming out. Who's voice was that anyways?

The music here was alright anyways. I guess I would have gone with darker and more ambient music to make it a bit more scary I think. The pictures were nice anyways, kind of sad how most of the later questions are just about the UK though but I guess that is where you reside so I can understand choosing those kinds of questions.

Overall, the music glitch in the level 3 area needs to be fixed up. Aside from that it was entertaining and educational.

Review Request Club

IceDragon64 responds:

1. I don't know what to do with the graphics, but I will consider it.

2. -Hah! we do so enjoy making those answers- it takes a lot of research to make so many questions definately 100% right or wrong, as we needed to in a medical quiz, with the wrong answers plausible enough to be challenging.

3. Thanks for telling me about the glitch. I will fix it.

4. Ah, you reached the end ! I suspect a lot of people (eg. Narcissy!) couldn't be bothered to finish it. The voice is Earthdragon 77, who'se voice also featrues in our Dragon Quiz.
5. If it were a true Halloween subject, we might have chosen darker music, , but as it was a combination of two subjects, we simply picked a selection of Halloween music to try and keep people working towards the next level and change of music.

6 The reason for the UK theme to a number of the questions is that it is hard to find definate, factual answers about blood donation around the whole world. We know that blood donation is dfferent in different countries and we took the idea of being factually correct veyr seriously. In fact, it took hours of research to come up with the range of questions and answers that we got and we inserted the selection of badges and pix from around the world to boost the international theme/message/appeal as best we could. Now you know how the rest of the world feels about USA Flash that is totally oriented around USA!

Thank you for your detailed review


It's not the worst quiz game I've played, but it is low quality.

I do kind of think that it was nice that you want to convince people to do something nice, but this wasn't all that convincing to me. Actually, it made giving blood seem like a long, tedious process.

One thing that really bugs me is how unfitting the music and Halloween theme is to the point you were trying to get across. It would've worked for a quiz with more Halloween questions, but it just doesn't work when trying to convince people to donate blood.

Choosing answers was annoying a lot of the time since I kept trying to click the words, but you can only click the right side of the words. You should've put the words in like a box so we can just click the box. Like in The Impossible Quiz.

Overall, not bad, but no that good.

<Review Request Club>

IceDragon64 responds:

If just one person said "actually, I AM going to go and give blood (and meant it) I would be happy- I don't ecpect you all to be swept into it. However, since I have left you with that tedious impression, let me first assure you that GIVING blood is a very streamlined and efficient process if you help them to help you. You can phone and book an appointment; once you have given blood, they will post you a form you can fill in before you arrive and they can have you in and out in less than half an hour a lot of the time.

The Halloween theme was always going to be controversial, but I wanted the thing to be funny and memorable as well as informative and I had all that material, such as Earthdragon's ding-dong sequence to use! I wasn't going to put in Halloween questions because we have already DONE a Halloween quiz.

A, the hit area- a tough one this- Skaijo told me in a previous quiz extend the hit area from the buttons, to over the text, so I did in the next quiz, whereupon a reviewer complained that the hit area stretching out over the rest of the text was annoying for someone searching for e- eggs. Can't please everyone, but I will bear your comments in mind. Thank you for the detailed review.