Pixelated Destroyer

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A game of my collection PIXELATED GAMES??? that I made when I was 14 years old. Menu music I made when I was 13 years old.

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The foundation is there, needs more work though

A workable game, but its not very fun. some tips:
1) Faster pace. Its waaaaay to slow for a game of this type. try having a faster fire rate to start and have the ship and enemies move a lot faster.

2) make the screen more vertical. with the faster pace, you'll want to give the players more time to see enemies coming. flip the dimensions and that should do. you'll also want to re-scale everything so that it fits.

3) UI that doesn't blend in. basic text for UI is pretty bland. could barely make out my score. add more flair to it so that it pops out and i can quickly glance at my health, score, and whatever else i need to know quickly so i can go back to playing the game.

Gdverde responds:

The UI problem is because you don't have the latest version of flash.

Overall good, but needs more work

Good game, Gdverde!

First of all, here's a list of things you might consider adding:
- collectables
- achievements
- difficulty
- upgrades

Other notes:
- I liked some of the options in the main screen, like the random mode.
I don't think 3 player is really necessary, but it doesn't matter really!
- I do like the music a lot, it's very fancy!
- Another thing, the second player's controls should be A and D instead of A and S, but it's good enough!
- The thing I liked the best is that it was very well put together. Other games may have many glitches that ruin the game, but yours seems for the most part, fine.
- The font should have been exported with the flash; the score and lives show up as Arial for most of us. I have a video on YouTube that shows you how to do it properly: youtu.be/BnlapZgPSP0
- A small bug is that the ships don't disappear right after you die. It doesn't really matter much but it makes it seem less professional.
- And lastly, I think the shooting sound could have been improved.

All in all, it's a good game, but needs some work and improvements!

Gdverde responds:

Thanks! Because of some reason, every time I try to upgrade my game I have to erase it and post it again.

It's pixelated

For a multiplayer mod. It depends on the level of excitment but there are flows on getting scores. Blue ship can't hit red or green ones. Same goes for other ships. Also, there is an imbalances between the ships.

For a single player. Hmm. There are many factors that makes this game somewhat boring.

1st. no power-ups and at random mode it gives off limited choices of the fire-rate of the ship.

2nd. there is no goal something like beating the boss, or levels that will challenge the player in different kinds of difficulty. Everything is just set like a race game getting rid of the obstacles.

3rd. there is no movement. It won't give the excitement for a space-shooter with just stagnant opponents, and with just left and right movement of the ship.

This Could Be Great

The main problems I have with it are:

1. The textures are extremely bland. Put a bit more time into developing the "ground". It doesn't have to be Xevious quality, but something more than what you have now would be great.

2. It's too slow. This might be what you were going for, but I felt very sluggish trying to navigate and fire. It might also feel this way because of the illusion that I am traveling extremely fast.

3. Targets were rather uninteresting.

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2011
11:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight