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Watched the credits

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Completed the first level!

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Completed a chaos level within 30 seconds

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Author Comments

Roboblox! A new game By Van Arem Media and Puppy-Eyes Studio.

In Roboblox your job is to solve puzzles by linking the robot blocks together in many different ways.

Each robot requires a number of connections (indicated by the swirls around the robot) to be "complete", when robots are linked together and are all complete the chain will be complete!


"clear the grid to finish" ruined the game for me.
I gave up on level 18.
not really bad, but doesn't deserve any stars either, as I can find much better games
with similar concept, but better graphics, sound, and literally everything.

Great idea

Good graphics and music. It's a great idea, but yellow and red blocks appear way too often.

The need to clean the screen after making X groups is a nuissance. It's like playing two levels in one. I made 4 groups of 16 blocks only to have to clean the screen and not being able to, while totally filling it with blocks!

Could be interesting to choose where to link the block to.

Red flashing for time should be better left out, it makes difficult to solve what already was giving trouble.

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good game

But level 24 is impossible.
there are just too many yellow blocks and the random chance that you get blues and or greens are too low
i'm getting 5x the yellows than the blues and greens combined, and 2x the yellows than the reds
there are only 9 accessible spots for the red blocks as well and all the extra ones are impossible to get rid of
besides this impossibility (or just retardedly difficult)
i give you 8 stars

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tricky yet fun

haha ok now heres was something differant, the "ARTWORK" was very good not too intense but seemed a simplistic style yet artistic even in the credits with the backdrop setting very nice work there, This game was somewhat confusing atfirst but after about the second level you really get to understand it, its a welldone game fun and very artistic, The puzzle game you presented also has a feel of tetris with blcoks and such, the gameplay is pretty solid, some of the levels can be abit long but guess thats ok, so with everything here i thought it was a pretty fun game indeed, hope to see more creative games like this soon about level 9 it really starts getting tough, anyways fun game it was differant and unique.

so while this was easy it does get hard there should possbly some help hints say if you get stuck or something

fun game tricky and makes you think



You know you COULD fix the problem mentioned below AND keep the mouse-only input by just making it so you could choose the way you wanted to link using click and hold and then you would let go on the block you wanted to connect to.

...think about that cause that REALLY is a pretty big problem.

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Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2011
7:52 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other