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*Update2* I've made the bats horizontal movement a fourth slower so hopefully that helps the control issue a litte. Please note that the candys are completely optional and intended for a second play through or masochists.
*Update* I've fixed an bug where the music would glitch out after one full play through. No longer will ye plauge me restarting music.

First of all this is for the Games Factory Halloween contest. I made it in 3 days due to me being silly and not seeing the post until late into the contest. This is probably the most effort I've put into a flash game so far and everything you see / hear was made by me over the 3 days.

The objective is to land the bat on the pumkin. Pretty simple eh. ;) For a greater challenge you can also collect the candy but the game is already very hard to beat.

Hopefully it all runs smooth on you guys computers, thanks for checking out my game!

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+Concept -Execution

Good concept, but not much more, controls are just frustrating, I died 15 times before I was able to get the Candy on Level 1 and finish. You mention it's supposed to be "hard", but the issue isn't difficulty when the player is wrestling with controls. Difficulty should also progressively increase. When it takes 15 tried to %100 1st level, and then 1 try to %100 2nd level, something's wrong. Obvious potential here, just put more work in.

Jools64 responds:

Thanks for your feedback.

The candy was more supposed to be something you get on the second time round if you want more of a challenge but I really should have made that more obvious I think. II did take quite a lot of time to make sure just running straight through the levels had a far nicer difficulty curve though.

I have slowed down the bats horizontal movement, hopefully that helps in some way but I understand what you mean about the controls. There's not much I can do now without completely re-designing the game though so I guess I'll just leave it as it is.

Again thanks for the constructive feedback. :)

cool but...

it is very difficult to control. maybe its just me but i find it hard to make the simplest menuvers.

eh its okay

I love the graphics and the feel to the game, its just the the controls are WAY to sensitive. You barely touch the arrow keys and you fly off into some spikes... it was really frustrating.

bad controls

the music is sadly the best part of this game. I had to click on the game after each death before he would fly. no description of controls. Bat moves around way to fast from barely touching the arrow keys.

Jools64 responds:

I'm glad you liked the music.

The clicking on the game after each death is not my fault, it's Games Factory messing up when going between frames. You should be able to refresh a couple of times to get it working properly.

The controls where listed on the menu. I understand what you mean about the movement and I've tried to slow it down but there's not much I can do without re-designing the game.

Thanks for the comment.