Oddball: Halloween 2011

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Halsey and Antique are lost in the forest!
I managed to get enough time out of my Uni work to finish a small Halloween toon for you!
EDIT - DAILY 2ND! Just keeps getting better and better! Thanks all!
EDITED EDIT - Front page again? WOOO! Happy Halloween folks!

4th place in Spooktacular? I love you guys!


It shows a lot of potential

What you're missing at the moment is timing, suspense, and things like that. You need to give it time. The main problem I had with this animation was that it seemed rushed. By that, I don't mean that you didn't put enough time into making it, I mean that the events where crammed into a too small place for it to be properly effective. Another problem was the joke thing at the end. Either try to make it funny, or creepy. You didn't pull of mixing the two in this animation. The rest of it has a lot of potential though. You've got interesting characters and good animation. With some improvements, your work could become excellent.

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Kreid responds:

Yeah I know I have a weakness with my writing, especially when I don't have much time to do the toons in. In all honesty the ending of this one changed like, four times too, I really need to learn from that!
Thanks for the constructive feedback, and for only knocking off 2 points rather than giving a 0 or something! :p

improvement if ever seen.

you and boco are both coming along so well over the past 2 years, you guys should feel proud how well you have jumped the charts of this animated caliber.

fantastic job, have a great halloween!

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Kreid responds:

Slowly getting there! :)

Another epic animation!

That was a very epic animation for holloween! For some reason, if you add a little more details, you might be as good as Zeurel!

Either way that was a great animation.

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Kreid responds:

Wow, still got a long way to go til I catch up with Zeurel, but thanks a lot! Really motivates me :p

whayyy ?

nooooooo you men the girl is dead ?

Kreid responds:

Nahh, this is just a standalone ep.
Technically though,, she was already dead ;)

I enjoyed this

Nice music,nice audio,nice quality,over just AWESOME! i hope you win teh contest

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Kreid responds:


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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2011
5:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original