MLP: Pinkie's Cupcakes

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This is my interpretation of the cupcakes story created by sgt.Sprinkles. Although the general story is the same I changed a few plot elements to make it fit to the theme I was going for and whether that worked or not will remain to be seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.


I need to make an animation with getting my revenge. Rainbow Dash is my favorite one!

Not too bad. Got much more graphic than most video adaptations, but the ripping apart may have been a little over zealous. Really well animated, except for maybe the cutting into the skin etc., but that still looks a lot better than I could probably manage to do. Nice job.

Torn on what to rate it.

I absolutely hate the idea of Pinkie killing Dash, but at the same time it was too good to mark down much.
I might be a bit insane. The saddest thing I found about this video was that Dash never became one of the Wonderbolts.

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Still good i quess.

The sound and animation was good.
But im kinda sick about the story.
I think there is to much My Little Pony fanfiction. Where Rainbow Dash is getting killed by Pinkie Pie. And i also don't understand why Pinkie pie kills other creatures.

So i hate the idea but i like your animation and use of sound. This is your first submission and you've got some good animating skills. In other words if you come up with some good ideas, Im sure lots of your future animations will make it to the front pace of Newgrounds.

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Clerick responds:

I've only been using flash really for about 4 weeks now (this was made in 3). I learned a TON about flash and i'm happy how it turned out. Next movie will definitely be something happier.

Ok But Epic!

Why is it rainbowdash???Any was good video I hated the music but it was fine.I liked it :).It Was Very nicesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.(<-
--creeper)Theres another one but its diffrient great to watch on holloween.
The blood wasn't to good but good to start off.But seariousley why is always pinkie who kills/tortures rainbowdash???

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Oct 29, 2011
9:28 AM EDT
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