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3d turn-based tactical squad game with RPG elements.
Remake of the famous epic game "Incubation".

The sophisticated levels, different enemies, many types of weapons and upgrades.

. 12 big levels

. 6 weapons

. 5 enemies

. 10 skills


this is great!

i would like to see more, and maybe some special moves and a harder difficulty setting. it is a very good game. but also has room to grow. ... an instant classic. but for everyone reading this, do not get the sniper rifle. it is a waste, it is powerful and has good range, but runs out of ammo. and you will need the assault rifle's melee attack when you do run out of ammo. i also think that the grenade launcher is overpowered, but it really helps because it can fire over walls. a little story would be nice too, but it is good without it. :) good game

Very good!

Apart from the fact that it was a little too short, this game is awsome. Good concept, and well made, there should be a full version with more stuff in it!

Couldn't stop playing til end of the game :D

I don't know of the game "Incubation", but if you have made it to look like the game as much as one possibly can, then i understand why you made a remake/tribute of it. Its awesome :)

I enjoyed it all the way, because of the upgrades, tactics, puzzles and the work that have been put in the game. Graphics and lights were nice.
I also enjoyed that you don't get all the troopers from the start and reqruit them bit by bit.
Difficulty was also very fine. Challenging without being to hard
Good fact with that your accuracy gets better the closer you are to your enemy :)
( Big fan of accuracy XD )
I enjoyed last stage where i just ruthlessly killed the giant the first round, and every monster that were unlucky the get in the line of sight of the snipers on guard, got destroyed either when they just got out of the entrance or when they went around the corner 3:D

I got to admit, my only problem is that i can only give 10 and that it isn't longer with more lvls. (Actualy i can. I give you 15 dude)
If you think of trying to make a sequiel to the game, i'll be on a lookout after it.
(Plz put it in so you can customise the colour of your troopers as one see fit. well as good as you can ;P)

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this game is awesome its getting harder in every level B]

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Freakin Awesome

More of everything with a splash of story and I would pay for something like this, considering it's a clone of Incubation, I may just have to hunt down that old title.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2011
3:18 AM EDT
Strategy - Other