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Blob Drop!

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Use WASD or your arrow keys to control your blob and not hit any spikes. Try to survive as long as you can as the difficulty gets higher. You can unlock achievements and blob colours by playing more and scoring more points!

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Its time for GameSmasherRates to RATE this game!

Hey everyone! Its time for a rate with GameSmasherRates.. The ultimate critic of NewGrounds!
I gave this perticular game a 5 out of ten, i mean it wasnt bad but it wasnt the best, either. I could pick out a few things i liked, like the achivements and the colors of "blob" and a few that i did not like.
For instance, bouncing off the walls was a real peev of mine, becuase if you bounce off onto a platform, your blob goes flying off of the platform. Not fun, aggrevating.
Another thing is those spike platforms, those are cool, but when my blob hit the platform a bit to control and fall to the stable platform, i died. I think it should be if you LAND on the actual platform- not if you touch the sides.
It is a pretty addicting game, and the music and background is pretty cool- but it just needs a few tweaks!
Thats the GameSmasherRates' RATE!

My Blob can't jump because he's not black?

I go to 5/14 and realized I actually needed to get something accomplished today...good simple game. Add jump pleeze!


Simple game, but great style. Love the retro graphics and music.

This is a cool little game :D

I like it, obviously pretty simple, but nicely made. You should add medals for the achievements if you weren't already planning on it.