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Zombie Swarm- Survive

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Author Comments

This game was made for the Newgrounds Halloween Competition. I've been working on this game for awhile now and its finally completed. You're able to select four different difficulty modes; each mode having a higher score multiplier in the end. WARNING: I advise you to play on medium or higher. Easy mode is a little laggy because of the machine gun turret! There are eight guns to unlock and use and two different types of zombies; regular and demon. The demon zombies appear every five rounds (unless your playing on Insane mode, which then it's every three rounds).

All the background ambient music tracks are custom made for the game by a friend, Isaac (U.2) The other sound effects are downloaded from www.freesound.org

Hope you have fun playing the game! -Sumo

EDIT: Thanks for everyone enjoying the game! I was able to get 1st prize in the competition because of all of you! Thanks!

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It's pretty good, a standard little zombie survival game. I personally see the zombies going a bit too fast, but oh well. (Also, you should try a project zomboid take, I think you might enjoy setting up a real survival game :D)


Sumo148 responds:

Well what was stupid about it? I'd like to get constructive criticism back so I can make my games better, not just be berated by people. And please, next time if you're going to insult a game use proper grammar so you don't look "Stupit". Thanks.

Flawless Victory

Attractive intro, smooth gameplay, and sounds and music are perfect. The only flaw is a handful of glitches. Multiple Guns, equipment, and music is what made this game.

Sumo148 responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah there were a few glitches that I tried to sort out, but I wanted to post the game up before the weekend so that I could generate some views before the competition actually ended. Once its over I'll go back and sort out all the bugs while updating the game with all the comments and criticism I've received. Thank you for your support!

You must play this game

Wow! I am a pro gamer and tour the world, competing in various gaming leagues and tounaments. All I can say is that this game is the most fun I've had in a long time. Yes, I can do a 360 double back-flip sniper triple kill blind-folded, but this game is so much better in every way. The sounds, the graphics, the finnesse that Sumo has clearly put into this game is incredible. Play it now!

Sumo148 responds:

I don't know if you're trolling me... but thanks for the review (i think?) xD

Hey, not bad at all!

When I started playing I expected it to be a bad game. To tell you the truth I usually judge a game by it's looks. But when I started playing I thought 'this is my kind of zombie game'.

There are some things I disliked though. For example, bullets are too expensive. I assume you want players to aim and shoot carefully, but this isn't what I did. Because of the fact that every bullet goes through the zombies, I just kept moving arround until they all were together and then, I shot them and they all died together. It's kinda absurd :P

I think the environment is a little empty, and that you could add some things to it. For example, a car, making you think that is how the protagonist ended there.

I don't know if you'll improve it or if you will just leave it like it is, whatever you do, it's better than I inicially expected.

Sumo148 responds:

Thanks for the response! I totally agree with you that the scenery is a little bare. Before this, my game was situated in a building with multiple turrets, floors, and walls. Unfortunately my partner that was making my advanced AI (pathfinding, hearing footsteps, line of sight, roaming, etc) disappeared so I had to strip down the map so zombie collision wouldn't be a problem with the game. The AI is just a simple chase algorithm. This also lead to the problem that zombies bunch up together. I was trying to find a way to keep them from overlappIng while still chasing the player without slowing down. Since I was pressed for time, I didn't really worry about it, but I'll take your ideas into consideration after the competition ends and add them into the game. Thank you!

Credits & Info

4.63 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
9:26 PM EDT