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Snake Double

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Author Comments

First of all, thanks for playing!

I made this a few years ago, because I saw Snake and thought to myself that I could make it better.
Well here it is, with new features:
- Walls appear when you advance, making it even harder to play!
- 2 player mode so you can play with a friend!
- Double mode: twice as fast and twice as fun!
- Survival mode: Just try and survive for as long as you can - my personal favorite!

If you want to abuse a glitch - hold down 2 buttons at the same time!

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Hello, Zanzlanz! Remember me from my Mine Blocks review? Yup, I've returned to review this game of yours!

First off, I enjoy the addition of new game modes, though the 2-player mode isn't all that great. The players have to hog the keyboard in order to compete. Another gripe I have is that the coins sometimes spawn right next to one of the boundary walls, or, even worse, right in a corner of 'em, making them harder to get than need be. Also, the snake you control in the game moves a tad too quickly, making it hard to grab coins in general, and is also why I can't stand the coins that spawn near the boundaries.

However, despite the flaws, you did revolutionize the snake game with the game modes, and a catchy, fitting tune. Heck, even the graphics are a bit better than the original game while still maintaining the old style of it! You, sir, have earned a well deserved 3/5, and a 5/10. It'd be even higher if you could iron out the flaws, though that goes for all games.

Best of luck for any potential future snake revitalizations!


Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks for your awesome review! :D
I'm not considering changing the game this far in the future, but I really appreciate your remarks on how I can improve it! :)

100 000 POINTS
COOL GAME ZANLANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zanzlanz responds:

Wow, lol! Thank you :)

supersonicasdf, speak in english, please. Not afhklgfiobglish

Zanzlanz responds:

He just has his keyboard upside-down ;D


Zanzlanz responds:

Heh, okay then. Thanks for favoring :)

very ngltchy adn when i pressed up ti went down !

Zanzlanz responds:

Perhaps (by looking how you type), you have your keyboard upside-down.