Ten Second Slaughters

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Deca-Deathfest 5 Points

Defeat Qwarto.

Start of Something Less Than Beautiful 5 Points

Defeat Snurfles.

All or Nothing 10 Points

Defeat every enemy up to and including Hergaderg by putting all your upgrades on one tower.

Average Player 10 Points

Defeat every enemy up to and including Mikmok by evenly distributing all your upgrades among all three towers.

Balls-Out 10 Points

Defeat every enemy up to and including Wizzam without using any upgrades.

Mass Murderer 25 Points

Defeat Fitsfop.

Just Short of Genocide 50 Points

Defeat Waveful.

Annihilation 100 Points

Defeat Perteeyoo.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Ever play a tower defense game, only to be brutally disappointed when you lose the level into which you put so much work? Yes, you have.

No more waiting. No more worrying. No more massive disappointment.

In 10 Second Slaughters, the world's first (and best) instant tower defense game, set up your defenses, click a button, and you either win or lose. Now, play 50 waves in the time it takes to play 5 in other tower defense games.

Have fun, and think carefully.

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The idea was nice, but the execution was terrible. The game is nothing but a lottery. No strategy involved, only luck - Basically, the "aim" of the game is to follow the script after starting a game:

1- Click "Evenly distribute all upgrades"
2- Click Attack! (which is weird for a tower "defense" game... which side are you on again)
3- Repeat 1-2 to exhaustion.
4- In case of a game over, restart and do the whole thing again.

This, obviously, shows how bad the game structure. Other than the original idea and the music (which I consider good, even though it is not "the last coke on the fridge"), there's nothing to praise here.

In fact, the medals are the only reason people play this, which in turn makes me wonder how come NG allows for medals on bad games? This allows for some "attention whoring" on the site, which I already saw before: Terrible games adding medals just to gain views and/or make people play for it other than original, creative or simply good contents.

pretty cool for what it is, however one question - how do you get "are you kidding me?" medal?

OK, I'll admit I don't get it.

I haven't been playing this for more than a couple of minutes, but as far as I can tell, your opponents' resistances and weaknesses are entirely random, and as such, there is no way to develop a strategy, neither in the game nor in the metagame. All you can do is click (doesn't even matter how) and hope yuo get lucky.

I'm failing to see the fun in that. Maybe I'm missing something, though.

In response to the author's response....

Your response to the review about a 'monsterpedia' and probability:

A monsterpedia isn't possible because the weaknesses and resistances change every game. However, the point of the info at the end of the level is so that you can develop a strategy. It's all about statistics; if the monster was weak to a tower, it's unlikely that it will be weak to it consecutively. A tower being strong has a 1/3 chance, but that same tower being strong twice in a row is much less than that.

Unless you're saying you programmed the game to take into account a previous rounds strength and weaknesses, the chance of any given outcome should remain the same. That's like saying if you flipped a coin and it came up heads, than it would no longer be a 50/50 shot if you flipped it again. This is Statistics 101. Which means there's no compelling reason to list which tower was strong or weak, since that info won't carry over to other games. Which means this game is not skill-based, but sheer luck.

Not trying to be a hater; I really liked the concept and I enjoyed playing. But the only strategy involved is grinding until you win.

Rabid-Animals responds:

You misunderstand the statistical analysis. One must consider that the probability of a coin coming up heads twice in a row is not 50/50; each discrete flip is 50/50. Sure, some luck is involved, but if you really think about it, there's a way to hedge your bets a little. Another reason that we listed which tower had what reaction was just because it's kind of neat to know. Thanks for the review.


at first i was drawn off to this game, but found it to be interesting, some "COLOR" would have been nice atleast on the attack button, but besides that, i was abit addicted with this, kinda reminded me of the old tandy computer games, but anyways, the bosses can get tough and it seems like its more of a "CHANCE" then anything else but that was also fun, howmany bosses, are there there was alot, so with the ending note i didnt get all medals but i had fun trying, but besides all that it was fun and entertaining game, anyways hope to play more of your games soon.

not needed but maybe attack button could have some color to it.

fun game took me back abit, fun entertainment though


Rabid-Animals responds:

Thanks for the review! Part of the minimalistic style of the game was of course reduction of color, but we may re-imagine it in the future. Glad the game had a retro feel.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
7:15 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense