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Shadow vs. Yoda test

rated 1.55 / 5 stars
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Oct 28, 2011 | 6:21 PM EDT

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Author Comments

(CREDITS ARE BELOW) Hi people! This is my first flash video, so please don't criticize too harshly unless it's something that would help me to improve. I decided to make Shadow vs. Yoda because it's also Shadow vs. Sonic or something along those lines, and I wanted to do something out of the box. And yes, I know that some of these abilities that the characters have aren't their "real" abilities, but in animation, you can do whatever you want. So I hope you guys enjoy this video. Right now I'm working on Sonic vs. Shadow, but I have no clue when I'll be done with that, and then I have to finish up Sonic vs. Yoda, which is just a draft of what is to come. I hope to release these soon!

-Credits to for sounds
-Credits to cylent nite for shadow the hedgehog sprites
-Credits to Spencer T. for Yoda sprites
-Credits to OrochiWeapon 2000 for all other sprites used



Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's good but it has some problems

i like the concept and you made what you said you were going to make but their are a few problem. the music starts at a weird point then restarts again while it's still going so it sounds like a big mess, yoda is a little bit too pixelated and he is good so he can't use force lightning, last it's really short i would have loved to see a bigger battle if you fix these things i think it could be good

sonicwithsabers responds:

Yeah, something majorly wrong happened with the music because it wasn't supposed to be like that, and the video wasn't supposed to loop either. I know that Yoda is good, but do you know dark super sonic? Even though sonic is good, he still has a dark side with abilities that he doesn't normally have. I just thought I could apply that to Yoda, but I don't really know too much about Star wars, so I can fix that. And being my first sprite creation, I didn't know how to create Yoda sprites, and these were the best ones I could find on the web, and he didn't have too much motion in them, otherwise I would've made him do way more things. I'm pretty sure that I'll make a bigger battle with better sprites later on, but I was just testing these sprites out to see what it would look like and the quality of them. I'll consider what you say to make my movie better, so thanks for the comment!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Maybe a better shadow sprite sheet and some more movement in yoda would make it lots better, some fighting moves and not only some blasts and lightning, overall for your first flash, it's not bad


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Don't submit unfinished things or 'tests'.

It's not bad, but it's too short and it's unfinished.

The problem is that this animation is a fragment. It's a piece of what could eventually be turned into a movie, but for now, it's nothing more than a part or a bit.

The problem is not if it's bad, but rather if it's good. When it's bad, it gets a low score and gets blammed and is forgotten and gone. Done.

If it's a 'good' piece, then people get confused and may pass it. The problem is that then we've got a fragment of a piece of a bit of a flash floating around newgrounds forever, and what's the point of that? That's not what Newgrounds is about.

What's here isn't bad. But if it passes, it'll be forever unfinished, because if you complete this into a vid, you'll submit the finished item as a separate item and we'll have both finished and unfinished items floating around here, and that's not what Newgrounds is about.

It's not bad. Just, please send thru completed items. :)

As for helpful advice: Continue to practice and work on your projects, but DON'T submit things in the meantime. Just because you can submit, doesn't mean that you should. There are too many people who get all excited and impatient and decide to submit half finished or even almost finished items. Don't be like them. No one goes 'oh great! He finished it!' Rather, they go '...haven't I seen this before?' which lowers their appreciation of your work.

When you get an idea, PUT MAJOR TIME INTO IT! If you can get it done in a day, you're not done. If it takes you a week, you're probably still not done. I've seen many good ideas that passed but have horribly low scores because they got an idea, belted out a quick animation, submitted it, and now they're stuck with a low score on a crappy flash that was originally a great idea and could've been awesome, but they ruined it by rushing. Taking extra time to take it from good to great will ALWAYS pay off. Not one person who has ever had something in the top 50 got it there by submitting something that wasn't 100% finished and was EXACTLY how they wanted it to be before they submitted it. If you see things that can be made better, make them better! Work on them until they're the best they can be.

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sonicwithsabers responds:

Thanks for your advice. It's much needed. You were right about the half finished part. I guess I was just over excited, and also with the music, that must've been some sort of error that happened when I uploaded it because it wasn't supposed to start right there. I think I'll look at the audio tools Newgrounds has and adjust it. I've only been doing flash and animating for a few months, so I'm getting used to the feeling, and which sprites to use, and what to add to make it look more professional, so the next movie I submit will be way better than this. That's also the reason I put "test" on the top because it was part of what could be a major event that I just have to develop. But like you said, people won't like poor quality work, so I'll remember that the next time I release something.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is awesome.