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Red`s Halloween Nightmare

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Author Comments

A very, very bad game.
Will make you want to kill yourself.
9.2/10 "Worst game I ever played" -IGN.

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Well not sure what to think but it's a Halloween game and that's kind of nighty I do think you should have added more even some improved graphics on this it was ok but just could use more stuff more interactivity as well these are just suggested ideas to help

Some improved graphics and interactivity


You shouldn't make a game you think is bad. Well, maybe that's what you were aiming for. Everything was off here. I was especially annoyed by the loud music. Even the text was bland. I thought this would be a pokemon game.

You know, Red? I didn't even know this would be a game. You need to have much better details. Uh, Happy Halloween? At least it's October as I review this.


The game is hilarious and challenging. Once you get a little more experience, you'll be great. I could see your creative thought process while playing.

no...just no.

Horrible graphics, horrid design, and the controls are screwed up. I understand that you didn't put much thought in designing the game, but honestly? Put some pride in what you put out there. Make it the best you can make it before putting it up otherwise all you're going to get is crap reviews and you know what? If this is the best you can do then I honestly think you should go back to the drawing board and try something new. Criticism? The idea to make the shift key as the jump key is stupid. If I'm trying to climb a ledge or dodge a monster the stickykeys pop-up shows it's face and I can't play. The design it's boringly simplistic and I agree with powerdude; I would've liked some more background information on the character and story. Also, when pointing out controls they were hard to read and a bit blurry because of what you did with the shadow. Sorry about this, hope the next one is better.

SharpAKunicorn responds:

could you PLEASE read my personal comment before starting ranting about how bad the graphics are, and believe me, the shift key is the only key that would not make this game horribly wrong, believe me, either way, appreciate your comment!

This isn't even a game.

Lemme just tell you something. I've played bad games before. Not exactly awful, but still bad. But I still except them for what they are, because they are still playable and somewhat enjoyable. THIS, however, is probably the WORST game I've ever played. I wouldn't exaggerate the term, but it indeed is the worst I've played yet.

Story: Guy has nightmare, guy has to escape, etc. Not much to say here except for... WHO THE HECK IS RED?! Couldn't you give us a little backstory? In most games, you actually know who you're playing as, and you know what that character is like and so on. Here, you just go like: " Here's your player, have fun." You left the train dead on the tracks with nowhere to go.

Character and enemy movement: Glitched up. I'm just walking through the level, looking for more enemies to shoot, when I stumble upon an enemy moving THROUGH THE GROUND. With the character movement, I'm mainly just wondering why he doesn't have any legs. Does he have wheels in his DNA or what?

CONTROLS: Holy crap, these are awful. Let's list the flaws in this:
1: The jump length is random; it NEVER stays at the same length.
2: You only get on the ledges with pure luck. I was spending 30 seconds trying to get on ONE LONE LEDGE.
3: You say you can climb stuff in the game, but for most of the game, there are NO spaces where you can climb.

OVERALL: Crap. Garbage. An abomination. The worst excuse any game I've ever played. As much as I hate to break it to you, you should REALLY practice on making games. To be honest with you, I didn't like to go all AVGN on you, but it's my honest opinion. I don't care if someone flat out ADORES this game, it's getting my opinion out that I feel is best. Sorry if you might not like this review, I honestly didn't like making it. I don't normally get really angry because of a flash on Newgrounds.

SharpAKunicorn responds:

there was one place you could climb, i didnt say anymore than that

i also think its QUITE easy to understand who you are playing as!
and the game was ment to be boring, annoying and stupid just to get people REALLY angry, kind of the entire plot of the game, clearly you are...