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experimental animations


What an outstanding use of 3d rendered flash!

It is rare that I see an animation like this that utilizes such effects.

The Good:
The introduction was well made. It made me feel like I was a member of The Star Syndicate. I loved the fact that there was a special Easter Egg. What's more, the blending of Shaggy and Fred into a single entity showed the dynamic of what Scooby Doo was to become, a blending of cultural ideas in one show (recall the Witch Doctor episode, obviously Haitian in nature, and furthermore, the Vampire/ Gypsy appearance showing a linkage to Romanian folklore of generations past). However, your use of shaking edges of the Freddy-Shaggy character really detailed just how quickly those notions of unity fall apart, and indeed, Mystery Incorporated existed and exists still as predominantly a racially homogeneous group.
Furthermore, I believe that the blocks show the corporate nature of the firm, Mystery Incorporated. It started out as simply "Mystery Inc." sounding cute and fun, with only one van to drive around in. However, capitalizing on cheap gas prices and several mysteries to be solved, Mystery Inc. became a powerful corporation that rose, much like your blocks, into the very entertainment powerhouse that it is today. Indeed, as a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, the "blocks" of corporate greed have risen. With the recent growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this could not have been a more timely release on your behalf.

The Bad:
Not too much. The music was well chosen, but I found the Easter Egg to be too easily spotted. As a simple egg riding in the back of the mystery machine, if clicked, it led to a sort of ugly version of the actual movie, with blocks moving up and down. I assume this was your planning process, and that is why you put it as an easter egg, to show that we are not all perfect artists when we start out with a project. I too have done this in the past. However, there is a glitch that could lead a user to this easter egg without watching the actual film, and I would recommend that you fix this at a later date.

All in all: Great film. I learned a lot. I cannot wait to see more from you in the future!


k0diak responds:

Thanks 4 your valid imput you really understand this films importance, the track in the easter egg is also an original titled butt 2 universe its a piece about class seperation and the wealthys ability to in a sense "get away" with more in our society.

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Oct 28, 2011
1:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Original