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I've been experimenting with these cartoon characters for a while now and I
love them! So when our lecturer gave us our first flash project I knew
immediately that I was going to use them to create it. They are basic
characters with mostly the same build, you just stamp distinguishing features
on them, and surprisingly it works. The humor is supposed to be random and
slapstick. If I were ever to make a comic series out of these characters this
would be the first story, of how Billy got Zombie Jimmy and the rest of the
series would build from there.
For my animation I used mostly motion tweens and only on bone tool. I created
all the content in Flash because it just works and feels better for me that
way. Most of the sound I got from soundbible.com, which really saved me last
minute. Some of the sound I recorded myself.
And thats about that.
I love flash and hope to grow as I work on projects like these.
I hope you enjoy my first attempt at flash animation.


It was alright

I've noticed that a lot of people in this project are using tweens. I don't have a problem with that except the tweens look too slow, like when he's kicking the ball, it doesn't look either realistic or even cartoony. If it works for you fine but just try to make it a bit faster. You should really try some frame by frame with stuff like limb movement instead of the bone tool as well, its harder and more frustrating but in the end it looks better. Everything else was good, the music, the artwork and the humour were all good. Just work on the animation is all :)

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1.73 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
6:19 AM EDT
Comedy - Original