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Draka is a mysterious dark creature, which looks like spider, who was awaken by some incautious person. Now he rocks the town by his notorious deeds, he bites people and they turn into spiders immediately. Draka has a plan to turn into spiders a certain amount of people, but the local citizens are already aware of him and are ready to take measures to stop him. Help Draka to accomplish his mission before he gets caught.

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It's a decent game. I've played plenty of games with a spider man swinging feature, but most of them only let you have one web at a time, so I guess that's new. I didn't find too difficult, but the last few levels are annoying. I'm not sure why the medals are on the sequel though, I honestly didn't think that was possible.

Interesting game and cute concept. Maybe a little more instruction and understanding on what's suppose to be done with the webs. I wish there was more on the special effects but otherwise a game that could use a little more work on making it a more playable game.

ok i liked it. it challenged me and i was not bored. very well done.

A charming little puzzle.

Very difficult at times, which I particularly enjoy. It's cartoony, but not incredibly so, and it makes for a good mix of dark and cute. The web limit is annoying, but it certainly makes sense.

And Draka? I'm sure that wasn't your intention, but he's quite an adorable little fellow! For a creature of darkness, of course.

The last 3 levels are the challenging ones

IIRC, everything before that is easy. I beat it, hooray. I didn't like Draka's voice, but that's not a big deal.. Until I kept dying on the last levels, then it was a big deal <u<'' It was a fun game, but my biggest complaint would be the mechanic to remove webs. I would try to add a web but would end up removing one that was on the same place, and I would try removing a web but when i let go of the left mouse button it would add another. That was irritating, but besides that it was cool.