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Salvadore the Snail

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Hi all, so this is my first flash animation. I'm a first year multimedia student and it was created for a final project. I've always had a deep love of flash animation and am ecstatic to finally have created my own.

This animation was inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s. I wanted to do something original so I made a delightful combination of a snail and a moustache.

I hope you all enjoy the animation and I'll surely be posting more in the future

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Very good

A nice start to your animating career. I think that you've given the whole piece a nice concept, considering that there's very little show of emotion from the main protagonist, considering that he's hidden by an enormous (and dashing) moustache.

The way that you've made a slug the bad guy is a nice touch as well, though you could have gone for their common enemy, the song thrush, as they like nothing better than to pick snails up and bash them senseless on a rock, to get the mollusc inside out for a tasty snack. Still, the salty payload couldn't have killed the thrush, had the duel ensued that way.

I look forward to seeing more of your work, especially ones that have better lines - the pencil drawn effect that you'd used needs more detail, to look like you've sketched with more than just one line for each part of the drawing. On top of that, there are things like vocals that you can work towards adding in, as well as colour, but in the tradition of Hollywood, you've gone with a silent piece to start with and I'm sure you'll add the other techniques to your repertoire shortly, if you haven't already, so that you can showcase additional work.

Best of luck with your course.

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I liked the art you used in this and it reminded me of the little toons in Red Dead Redemption. Also, what can be cuter than a snail with a mustache? Keep up the good work.

GnoblarAgency responds:

thanks a lot! The toons in Red Dead were a great inspiration when making this :) I'll definitely keep animating

Pretty good!

I really like this movie especially the old timey spaghetti western feel. This movie was pretty imaginative in using a snail and slugs in a western genre. The music was perfect and whole silent movie feel was well crafted. The whole plot of him dueling for just some lice killer seems a little lacking, but overall it works in the overall story. A little more detail in the background when they are dueling could have improved that scene but every other scene was fine. Overall it's a pretty imaginative movie and hope that you will continue animating in the future.


Well done incorperating old films. I also liked the salt bullets lol