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This is my first animation that I have created and the idea behind
the story was to try and be original and make something different.

The story line is about a comic book character that wants to escape
out of the comic book and see the outside world.

This was my first time using flash and I must say it was awesome
and I had so much fun doing such a simple animation; I tried to create
a different style to the general idea behind a flash movie and created
it to comply with a more comic book style.

I was amazed at how my idea started to come together. I look forward
to creating new and better animations in the future. With the more experience
I gain I would love to take on bigger challenges and risks to push myself
and see what I can really accomplish.


you are a homsexual

by analysing this animation for my psychology project I have deduced by your animated conceptual orcestrating that you have a deep rooted feminine quality. You see, your use of gradients and pallets of color, animation style and charector choice all have subtle mental connections to deep rooted homosexuality. I have deduced that you are probably in the closet and dont get along with your parents. You probably play alot of video games and hang with a certain few people and eat with them at lunch and talk about shows and bullshit right. you need help man.

Stingerdehdah responds:

Thank you for your callous riposte, unfortunately your deductions are erroneous not to cite a few spelling mistakes, but an inimitable point of view. Surplus to requirements but still venerated.

Cool style

I like your whole comic book style with the slashes, wham etc. Well done

Stingerdehdah responds:

Thank you for your response, glad you enjoyed the style, I plan on keeping this comic book style, although i would like to give it a more comic book feel. And then to work on the animation itself.

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Oct 28, 2011
6:00 AM EDT