Discount Mayonnaise

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Deformed Cactus 5 Points

It's a secret!

Skeleton Suit 5 Points

Don't tell anyone!

Baby Steps 10 Points

Beat the first world

Dedicated 10 Points

Kill everyone in level 7

Deep Fried 10 Points

Beat the second world

Found a Bug 10 Points

Beat the third world

Saved by the Elevator 10 Points

Barely reach the exit

Amateur Surgeon 25 Points

Beat the boss

Armed to the Teeh 25 Points

Own every gun

Playing With Fire 25 Points

Stay close to the worm

I'M THE KING 50 Points


Moneymaker 50 Points

Collect all the coins

I'M THE BOSS 100 Points

Beat the worm levels and secret level without using the acid-walk boots

Author Comments


This game is pretty hard!

Controls :
Arrow keys to move, space to shoot
or (customizable set) :
WASD to move, k to shoot

You can use the mouse or the keyboard to navigate the menus

Thanks for the frontpage! Enjoy!


its ok

its ok the first few rounds but gets boring eventully and its the same thing the music and the guns were the coolest part thank you for the game

Joelasticot responds:


The art direction is great, but the gameplay fails

I can honestly say that the graphics, artwork, and overall style manage to be unique and greatly executed. The game universe itself feels like a 2D hybrid of Borderlands, Gears of War, and Thing Thing Arena, and maybe Rage. The character customization is cool too.

However, I regret to say that the visuals are all this game has going for it.
The average and unispirired run n' gun, keep-moving-or-die gameplay doesn't bring anything new to the table, and the jump feature is sluggish. Combine that with enviornments that require constant jumping, and the end result just feels bad.

IMHO, I think this game could do better with a 'Reloading' mechanic, maybe some intelligent enemies that shoot ranged weapons at you, a cover system, and of course, at lot more storyline so that we know what we are fighting for and why.
Oh, and Multiplayer. That would be nice.

To your credit though, the game works. I didn't find any bugs and the framerate held up. Your 'Discount Mayonaise' just needs some enrichment. After that, everybody should come rushing in to get some, because it has some potential.

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Joelasticot responds:

I'm surprised you criticize the game for not bringing anything new, then say it would fare better with generic gameplay features lol. But anyway, thanks for the criticism. We've received a lot of feedback concerning the jumping and it'll definitely be better in our next games.


didn't like it at first but then it grew on me. If you haven't played yet and you're reading this....give it a while...it gets better as it goes on.

nice game....one thing i would change though is make it FASTER paced...same game but chaotically fast would be kinda fun.

Joelasticot responds:

I haven't beaten it myself but it does look pretty cool. By the way, maybe the game is lagging a bit on your comp? Have you tried playing it on low quality and see if it's any faster?

Good Game..but kinda gay how the enemies are always right on top of you.

Theres a line between hard and annoying

The vast majority of my deaths within the game were contributed to me dying 1 second BEFORE hitting lava because of my massive hitbox and the worm thing lagging up the game even on minimum settings. It seemed like half the time I tried to land on a platform the game threw up the middle finger and pushed me into lava.

Besides the 1000 bullshit deaths it was an interesting game, despite being fairly uninspired.

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Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2011
12:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun