Hair Hands...

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Please do not watch this it is completely pointless and I might cry myself to sleep tonight because of making this.

Well this is just something I made (poorly) in about... 10 minutes? I just wanted to submit something to Newgrounds on my new account, other than my profile picture (which I'm proud of, please go looky!).



Very well

I think you can do much better. And I understand the neccesary contribution on newgrounds. NOW you have the first one, so keep em firing. Longer, better, funnier.


well, I thought it was silly and cool. So even if your opposed to me liking it, I voted you a fiver. ^.^ Good day then sir, and thank you. =-)

Nice try

Well the animation it to short and the voice acting it's hummm terrible kind of boring but i think it's just for upload something ... Try harder

TACLush responds:

It IS just for uploading something, since I just made the account, I wanted to upload SOMETHING. So I made this quickly... I guess it's so that people don't think that my account is for commenting on things etc and not actually contributing at all.


If you do not want us to watch this (as you sed in the Author Comments), do not upload it to Newgrounds.

TACLush responds:

As I also "sed" in the Author Comments it's for uploading at least something so I don't just have an empty account that looks like it won't be doing anything.

-Do people even read....

Did you have to rush?

I can understand you wanted to contribute to Newgrounds so your page wouldn't be so blank, but why do you have to rush? The animation/art is not even that bad and if you had actually taken the time to make something with maybe a story line or atleast longer than you would feel better about it and people would give you better feedback. Try harder next time.

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Oct 26, 2011
10:00 PM EDT