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Here we have another ragdoll game! Hurray! This is based off of an example that was pulled down so unfortunately I can't give you a link to it. This has a few tweaks and an added "Damage Counter" I may try to add metals to it, but they'll be when the code decides to work right and not add the metal instantly.

Increased resistance to ragdoll going through the ground. Not too noticeable of a difference though...
"Lightened" The background.
Changed ground color


complete crap.

this game has almost nothing changed, i can tell right off the bat that most of this was taken, your add does not display, "ragdoll" randomly disappears blue back makes it hard to see the guy, really, if you were going to "mod" (it does not seem to be really changed) a "thing" you should actually work on it rather than try to throw more crap on the internet, i gave it a 1/5 and a 1/10 so you have a chance to save it.
make it better or else someone else will blow this to the blam bin for me.

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talls responds:

I used an example, and I say it in the description. I know there's nothing special about it, and I don't say there is. Only worked on it for a few days too.


I usually don't like the sound effects added to these types of games; however the crunching sound you hear when you throw the ragdoll against the wall is oddly satisfying. The background is too dark but other than that, I have no major criticisms.

talls responds:

I used the same sound the example provided, I just jumped the sound quality so it didn't sound like crap.


I barely saw the doll ? character ? and well the stage it's to basic , and to small ... but nice try i guess

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talls responds:

Well thanks for the review, I plan on working on this a bit more.


I don't think that should be the focus now.

I think you should aim for more things to do in the thing. More weapons. Different environments. Environment weapons. Combo/chain meter. "Levels" with different objectives. Stuff like that. Of course, by doing that, it would be similar to a couple other games I've played. Which isn't bad, but... being a good/superior clone can only get so far.

Also, having infinite damage build up by simply dragging the mouse off screen and holding him against a surface probably shouldn't happen.

Another small gripe I have is only being able to drag him by the head. Not that it matters since it's not very ragdoll-like in the first place.

Yeah, I'm bashing what you made pretty hard, but only because I feel you should put your mind/heart to what you make. And I just don't feel that here at all. Adding medals to something that really doesn't even qualify as a game just leaves me with a "=/ " face.

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talls responds:

You can drag it by its other limbs, its just a bit annoying to when its on the ground lol I'm gonna try to fix it going through the ground, since I actually didn't actually notice that bug.

Obviously it's nothing to special

Obviously there has been many a games like this in the past, so I can't say it's anything special. What I can say is that you could make it better but making it more clean:
- A light colored background, like white, lol. You can barely even see the guy. Black against dark blue is not a good combo.
-Also the "damage enflicted thing would be a lighter color to. Not to mention you should change the font, or atleast change the counter to the same font so it looks better.
- Also, if you going to make such a simple game, the least you could have done is make a non-stick figure. I mean, come on, it can't be that much more effort.

Anyway, 2/5 4/10.

talls responds:

Your right, there's really nothing special about this. Hence the name "Another Ragdoll" I used a dark blue because I wanted a "dark" feeling in the game, since your bashing around a ragdoll. The damage indicator was intended to have a bloody look, and if I used the same font, the numbers would turn out to be roman numeral, and I didn't want that. I'll edit the game a bit today.

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Oct 26, 2011
9:09 PM EDT
Simulation - Other