Vegan Vampire VeggieShoot

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Hey guys, thank you for playing!


- Move Szeth left and right with the arrow keys.
- To shoot, press the up arrow.
- Your targets are the spinning tomatos.
- To get to level 2, you have to shoot 200 tomatos.
- To beat the game, you have to get 400 tomatos.


This is my first vertical shooter game, so of course it's not going to be very good. The audio is a little off, and there are only two levels which is lame, but I worked hard on this and tried to make it funny and cute, so PLEASE DON'T BASH ME IN YOUR COMMENTS! Thank you, and enjoy the game.

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This is a pretty fun and a somewhat creative game with decent animation, but it's way too easy. I wish there'd have more than just two simple levels. This game would probably be a little bit more successful if you would have "expanded" it a bit. Maybe you could've given the vampire a background story as to why he's a vegan and what his goal is? For example:

"Ryuu (the main character of this story) lives in a world where vampires rule and human beings are merely mortal slaves and treated as cattle. Human blood is the meal that most vampires have as their favorite dish. Ryuu, however, is disgusted by the thought of how blood comes from a human to a vampires lips and can't understand how his fellow vampire friends can treat humans with such little respect and completely ignore the fact that human beings are infact sentient creatures just as vampires are, even if they are a bit slow. He's decided that he's going to stop the consumption of blood taken from humans without their consent to stand up for the sake of the human species and free them so that they can peacefully coexist with one another. The humans who wanted to could give their blood and be given a choice as to wether or not they'd want to spare the monsters who once has taken their freedom, even if that means that a lot of vampires will die-
Humans are their ancestors after all."

The game could be a dark RPG where the player tries to either fight or try to bargain their way for the humans freedom. Perhaps there are other mythological creatures whom you'll have to fight? Perhaps Ryuu is not the only one who wants to free the humans, maybe he'll meet new who'll join him on his quest? Be as creative as possible with your designs, your characters and your story! ^_^

(You'll have to come up with your own epilogue for Ryuu's story, because I have to go to sleep now)

I'm sorry if I'm bad at expressing my thoughts and such stuff, English isn't my first language.

not bad, my only request: Please don't EVER make a blood sucker into a *gag* Vegan again, other than that a good kids game graphics ok and for some reason i didn't get any sound when i played but then again my computer is crap so it might just be my speakers, all in all not too shabby

This is a really funny and fun game, but you should try and make it a little more difficult!!

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2011
6:43 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click