Town of Fears

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Here's our latest adventure rpg horror. Enjoy!
Wallpapers for those who liked our game:

Controls: mouse only.

Information for portal owners: this game is free to distribute, feel free to grab it and add to your site! If you would like a branded sitelock or an icon pack, please do get in touch :)

28/10/2011 Due to many request for a sequel, we have decided to start works on Book of Fears. We'll announce a release date once we know it. Thanks for all support and good words from our players!


Like "Daddumz" said

Generally a well conceived, well made game, but the concept could have been taken much further in order to make the end player experience better.

I think most, if not all, would agree that free roaming and exploring the world would make the game much better, along with more side quests to make the experience more interesting and random enemy encounters so that the player can improve the characters that are available.
Also, some sort of gaugeable experience so the player knows when the character will level up.
This game plays very much like an rpg, thus i believe it should have standard rpg features, which are tried and true.

Adding these features would add replay value, and extend the length of the game, which is as great of an improvement as any game can get nowadays.

Still, it is well done.

Very good but would like more freedom

I really enjoyed the game but a few things about it bothered me. I would have liked it to be more free-form so I could wander about the town discovering and investigating on my own.

Second, the attack stat and last flake's acceleration tree seemed like a cool option, but halfway through the game I spec'd out of it and never put more points into it. I couldn't tell the difference between a character with attack of 9 and attack of 3, whereas putting those points in other places was really noticeable. For a game with a dearth of points to allocate and an attrition-based battle system, sub par choices are really painful.

However, if it were possible to grind (in a more free-form game setup for example) then the answer to sub-par choices (which may only be sub-par to me because I'm OK at moving sliders) make more sense. A player that needs to buy ranks in attack simply has to grind a bit more.

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Great game

I thought it was a really good game. The story was kinda hard to pay attention to but the battle system was set up very well. My favorite character was actually the librarian.


Its cool and awesome

and for those who have problems with it, its your computer who has a problem, everything works fine for me

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Sweet :D

Great game, I really loved the battle system.

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4.08 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2011
4:16 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG