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Magnolia Manor

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Author Comments

10-27-2011: Fixed level 24, so that it's now beatable. Sorry guys! I checked the rest of the levels, and that shouldn't be a problem anymore. Let me know of any other bugs or balance issues, though!
10-26-2011: Fixed a number of bugs that showed up in the later levels that prevented you from progressing. Please let me know if anyone sees anything else.

Several decades after your death, pesky living meat bags have decided to hold a party in your old estate. Your restless ghost will stand for nothing of the sort; it's time to scare them all off. Use various powers to give those intruders a frightful night they'll never forget!

The Haunting of Magnolia Manor is a strategy game in which you try to use various abilities to frighten off guests from your old estate. During each level, you are given a planning phase, and then the actual gameplay phase. During the planning phase, you place abilities that you feel will be the most effective; during the actual gameplay, you activate other abilities to get your job done.

You abilities include:
-Haunt - During the planning phase, you select a room for a ghost to occupy. During the gameplay phase, the ghost will frighten off one inhabitant of that room every few seconds.

-Scare - During the gameplay phase, select one person to cause them to run away in terror

-Possess - During gameplay, place a possession on one individual. After a few moments, they will transform into a horrifying apparition, and horrify anyone near them.

-Onryo - Much like a haunt, during the planning phase, you select a room in which an Onryo will occupy. Unlike the haunt, you can also command the Onryo to move to another room during the gameplay phase.

-Ectoplasm - Place a mysterious goo on the floor during the planning phase. During gameplay, any guest that walks over it will be slowed.

-Demon - During the gameplay phase, places a summoning circle on the ground. After a few seconds, a demon will emerge and startle anyone nearby

-Seal Door - During the planning phase, you can select a door to seal, forcing the guests to not be able to use that doorway. Unfortunately, all rooms must remain accessible to each other once a doorway is placed.

-Death's Clutch - Think of this as a ghostly land mine. You place a spot on the floor during the planning phase, and once gameplay has started, you trigger it to cause ghostly hands to rise from the ground, terrifying anyone within their grasp.

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Level 26 is impossible to start much less beat because you have to place three seal doors before the level starts and you can't do that without blocking off a room completely so I'm just stuck in the planning phase of that level. Otherwise great game.

Excellent game. Would have had 5 stars, but too many bugs. Level 26 seems unbeatable. With three doors, its impossible to not entirely seal a room.

i really like it so far

but the level right after the tutorial is a loot harder than the tutorial.... hah. Maybe lower the difficulty level right off the bat so people can get used to it, then gradually increase it, because I see from the other comments it's an issue not just for me. It is addicting, so i shall play on!

Great game but can be aggravatingat times

This game was really fun the only down side was some points in the game it was a 1 in a 100 chance of winning but the addictiveness of the game made me keep playing hope it gets achievements on
e day.

mitDebo responds:

I may go back and try to rebalance the rooms so that some aren't so impossible. I'll let you know if I do!

A couple technical issues. Otherwise, enjoyable.

I'm in the same boat as RoninOnion. I was having fun with it, but level 24 was unbeatable since there were only 16 people to care. For the hell of it, I tried refreshing the page, but it didn't save my progress.

mitDebo responds:

Sorry about that! I've uploaded a new version that should make level 24 beatable.