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[S] Cascade.

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From Homestuck, on my webcomic, mspaintadventures.com.

Obviously makes more sense if you are caught up on the whole story, but hope you enjoy anyway!

edit: Thanks to those who've watched it and left comments. The small file size is just the loader, the rest of the movie is about 50 MB, hosted elsewhere on NG. Tom is graciously helping me host this file for my site, and since it's already on here, I thought it would be cool to drop it in the portal.

If you're watching this and already read Homestuck, thanks for following. If you're new to it, hope you like it and will consider checking out the story. There are many animations of this sort, making much more sense in context.



Well now. It appears that you've really outdone yourself this time! I was expecting the EOA5 flash to be good, but this really blew me away. The shots of Dave and Rose looking at each other while they waited for the bomb to go off is one of the most poignant moments in the entire series, the violin as they came out of the Green Sun set my heart racing, and now Jade is the most powerful character we've encountered (except in the sense that Lord English is already here, but I'm not going down that road). I don't know what to expect in the wind-down of Homestuck (and even if I did, I'd be wrong), but I'm eagerly anticipating the resuming of updates on 11/11. As yet another voice in the crowd, I shout: YAY.

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Worth the wait

The suspense was really starting to get to me but you knocked this one out of the park Andrew.

The amount of air this one got on the way out of the park is unreal etc etc...

For people confused, you've got a lot of catching up to do (over 6,000 pages before this gem will make sense) so good luck.

Intensely satisfying finale to a very long act.

Act 5 was the longest act in all of Homestuck, and this animation tied it up very nicely. The art style is fantastic, the music is engaging and the animation is very fluid. Hardly a single word has to be uttered during the entirety; viewers just *watch* it unfold, and the images speak for themselves.

I'm really looking forward for future chapters. This animation completely blew me away and is deserving of any accolade that comes its way.

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Don't understand it?

If you guys want to read the explanation for this, Hussie has a tumblr-
He's posted the full explanation of all the events there.

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no words

I cant even describe how awesome this was. Best 13 minutes i have spent watching something ever. My god trying to watch this on the day it went up was a pain but, it was a most amusing journey trying to watch this when it went up. This is now the offical trailer to show people to get them into homestuck.

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Oct 25, 2011
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