[S] Cascade.

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From Homestuck, on my webcomic, mspaintadventures.com.

Obviously makes more sense if you are caught up on the whole story, but hope you enjoy anyway!

edit: Thanks to those who've watched it and left comments. The small file size is just the loader, the rest of the movie is about 50 MB, hosted elsewhere on NG. Tom is graciously helping me host this file for my site, and since it's already on here, I thought it would be cool to drop it in the portal.

If you're watching this and already read Homestuck, thanks for following. If you're new to it, hope you like it and will consider checking out the story. There are many animations of this sort, making much more sense in context.



I have no idea what this is about, but the art direction is quite simply brilliant. I can and will compare it to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and the works of Hayao Miyazaki - if you do not already know, two highly prolific directors.
The art style was highly unusual for the Flash medium - refreshing and thought-provoking, and the soundtrack was... just great. I want this, give it to me.

This is easily among my top 5 favorite flash animations, and, as an independent short film, stands out quite a bit. If possible, I suggest that you enter this into... something! A film festival, competition... whatever.

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It's weird. The first time I watched this, I had no idea what I had just seen, but I knew it was epic. Now, having watched it an embarrassing amount of times, I am finally beginning to understand it. Still. Everyone should give this a look, it's brilliant. Also... did you make the music, or is it from some composer I have not heard of? And is this information in the description? If it is... sorry.

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Good, but

Good, but I don't like how much time and effort he's putting into something that no one cares about.

Come on Hussie, you've had your fun. Now finish Bard Quest already.

Very cool

lots of work and it shows. lots of good animation, nice style. A+


Why is this on Newgrounds? It is an excellent animation, but it shouldn't be here. It is an important part of the plot of something that is not even partially on Newgrounds. It just shouldn't be here. If this is not just stolen, I don't know what the guy who makes Homestuck is thinking. Is he just messing with people by showing an awesome animation to try to make people watch it to make them read the comic so that they can finally know what's going on? If so, I applaud him for finding such a manipulative way to get more readers, but I will still hate him for it.

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4.49 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2011
7:50 PM EDT