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Obliterate Everything

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I wanted to merge the game-play of tower defense with tactical elements from real time strategy games. I also needed to keep it simple enough for random people on the internet to pick up and play immediately, and simultaneously deep enough to capture the interest of more hardcore players. I settled on a compromise where the combat is automated, but everything that happens is the result of strategic decisions you make when designing your base.

I did all of the coding, art, and music myself. I enjoy designing space games because there isn't a lot of stuff to draw in space, and it saves me a lot of time to focus on everything else. The background nebula is randomly generated each time.

For the programming, I tried to add a bit of physics to everything. The guns don't just immediately point at the target, they have to take time rotating... etc. The ships have to figure out the best way to apply thrust to adjust their velocity and intercept their targets. I think subtle things like that give the fighting a bit more of a visceral feel.

Hopefully you have as much fun playing this game as I did making it.

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Came here from playing Obliterate Everything 2. This one definitely had some balance issues, building turrets was more effective than fighters so building turrets next to an enemy base was an almost surefire way to win. But I liked the additional complexity the triple resource system this had. Obliterate Everything 2 ended up feeling more like Total Annihilation than a quick and dirty Starcraft, like how this one feels.

Njoyed the game untill Ep 2 Lvl 2 wich is redicilously hard, have been trying to search for a tactic and nothing seems to work, you get overrun instantly before you even have the chance to attack.

other than that the game is fun ^^ Good job

// Rec0il


Addicting, but...

Love the "build your forces" games, but this one needs a tutorial. I had to learn by throwing in the towel on more then 2 dozen turns before I found out what weapons and buildings did what and which ones worked the best. I know thats a part of playing the game, but I beat the game and still didn't know what every weapon did.


Is slow, especially on defense levels. Needs a speed button, and a level progress bar.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2011
4:19 PM EDT