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spikey in cage

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please some one help him out : (

JUMP JUMP YOU WILL MAKE IT! the song gets me depressed and our after our i try to break him free. i can't i'm sorry forfailing getting you out spikey i'm sorry :(
i don't have a reason to live with out him. good bye croul world!

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this was as fun as a burlap sack

runnan23 responds:

no shit...

I am aghast.

It brings pain to my heart to know that as I continue living my life unrestrained by physical contraptions designed to limit freedom, Spikey is languishing in that horrible prison. I'm sure he's undeserving of the severe punishment to which he's being subjected, and that all he wants is to explore the world that lies beyond those bars and coexist harmoniously with all its inhabitants.

Don't despair, Spikey! Don't give up on your dream of escaping that vile enclosure! Continue jumping, day and night, over and over, and your legs will surely grow stronger! Yes, stronger and stronger, until you're able to propel yourself upwards and over the top of the structure that bounds you!! Believe me, my four-legged friend, that day will come!!!!

Thank you, runnan23, for putting this atrocity on public display so that others may learn of Spikey's plight. His tragic situation will no doubt inspire millions of prayers for his freedom. You've done a great service to the poor creature, and once he's freed himself from that cage, I'm sure he'll return your kindness.

runnan23 responds:

finally someone that got the metaphor, lol.

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Oct 25, 2011
10:44 AM EDT