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Awe - Beckoning Halloween

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Author Comments

Thanks for all reviews!
I have made some updates based on your feedback!
The inventory is moved so that it won't interfere with the navigation.
You don't die unless you run out of time.
Ghost appearance improved
Death's improved
Won-game improved

- - - Thanks for the first page! - - -
(Really don't know how it got there - especially since the sound was awful yesterday...)


A horror game which can be played over and over since you never know where evil hide!

This is an update of the game Awe - The Beckoning.
Updates are based on the feedback from the last version.
Major updates are - "Sudden unfair death" is removed.
Describing text added.
Some tweaking of the variables...

A warning to those faint at heart - Do not play this game since it contain flickering, flashing and sudden horror events. Play on your own risk! (I just write this as a warning so that I won't be sued, not to 'hype' the game/make it seem scarier than it is!)

Feedback most appreciated:
Is it too easy?
Is it too hard?
Should the instructions on how to complete the game be more precise?

All images, programming, music and sounds (c) 2007-2011 - daniel of dawnland.com


An adventure game.....which is ment to be scary?


Seriously this game was'nt scary at all, I think thirteen year's old could play this and would'nt be scared ,considering there is only one thing that is ment to be scary and the women who try's to kill you looks like a halloween decoration.

Thats not to say there is'nt some realtivly good idea's they all fall flat because of the gameplay, the problem is that you have no indication of what to do, what the place is haunted, what happened to them, how did they die and why on earth some ghost girl would want some rusty sissors and a ring?

Thats the whole point of the game, to find some random Items (specifically sissors, a ring , and a doll) and give them to a young girl why? well unfortunatly we are never told nethier are we never told and that is a main issue because there is no story or reason for any of this, it makes the game a generic horror game that fails to deliver on the horror because you ONLY use themes like blood try to use jump scares or have things happen it the mirror or make use of the tv which makes me wonder how come you can have a closer look at all these object's in the house yet they have no relevence to beating the game after all looking at anything does'nt reveal any items to beat the game.

Also to note the navigation is infuriatintg having to wait till the cursor appears also its annoying to find out what rooms you can go in because the arrow is useless I died 5 times trying to find the items only to realise I go in that area this did'nt help much considering having to wait for the cursor to appear

The problems are that the game is short has no story, lackluster scares and your not given much idea what to do and the items are set in locations were you cant find them (except for the doll which always appear in the room to the left from where you are in the first time you are in the house) but the other items are annoying to find and look closer at the pointless objects in the house make it misleading when you find they have no relevence to beating the game and finally instead of dieing on a time limit make it so that when you make a mistake (you use the wrong item/dont have that item) you die and maybe have it where you can explore more and have puzzles to make it more exciting.

Graphic's - 1 Story - 0 Gameplay - 2 Music - 0

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dawnland responds:

Thanks for your feeback and long review!
Sorry that you didn't find it amusing nor scary. (and yes - it's very generic, I know ;)
SPOILER - There are random (minor) scares in the mirrors and the TV - perhaps I will make them less subtle in next release. I am gathering feedback from all reviews here and will probably give the player more information on what happened, why "those items" etc.

The disappearing mouse-pointer and cursor are feedback that I have gotten many times so I have now fixed this/the "wait" period before you can do anything is gone.

The fact that you think the game is too short - well - that is the point of it. I do not have the time to play looong games (I could when I was young) so I prefer short ones - games that you can play for 5 minutes now and then.



everything has flaws no matter how much you perfect it. With that said you are doing an amazing job responding to feedback and altering what is needed but remember not everyone will agree with the finished product and sometimes change can worsen a treasure. I have no problems with this game and enjoyed it very much. This is a perfect Halloween treat!

dawnland responds:

Thanks for the high score and kind words!
The screeching sound that was there yesterday was terrible. It was not there purpose but was an error created in flash when the final file was built - and I didn't check it after upload - That was a major mistake on my side.
With that said - I will not implement any more fixes than the ones implemented in the new version > http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/582362
It is possible that I will remove this version when the new is live - OR I will remove the new one and just update the file in this submission.

Thanks again!

How did this get on the front page?

Screeching... glad to hear you're working on fixing that.

Play again doesn't let you play again. Takes you back to the front where the Ad. is supposed to play and never lets you click play. Have to reload the page to replay.

No clue as to what to do in the game at all. I've found items. No clue what their use is. On multiple plays I've found different items in different places. Mouse keeps disappearing... I suppose the wait for each room to load is supposed to be part of the ambiance but it's really annoying.

Basically there is no instruction at all or indication as to what you're supposed to be doing. I've explored every part of the house, clicked on everything, collected items that were there in one play and then not collected them as they weren't there in the next, and been killed many times by the spirit for which there is no indication as to how to fight.

I'd love to play this when it's finished... but right now it's in a unplayable state.

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dawnland responds:

Yes - new file without scrweching uploaded. Sorry for the error on "play again" - This worked fine on my local computer, so I guess that the adds mess this up. Will look into this on next update.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!
The "wait" is, just like you say, part of the ambience but I will look into this on next update. The mouse disappearing is part of this "wait". Perhaps I will just remove the "wait" then - I've gotten several opinions on the mouse... - - - I fixed this right away - The new file is under judgment - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /582362

You can't fight the ghost, but you should be able to find the things (that are in different rooms each play - on purpose) before the time run out.
And you have to give the stuff to someone. Perhaps this should be written in the instructions, or indicated somewhere?

Anyway - thanks for your words!

A quick suggestion to help your ratings

Change annoying screech noise between every freaking movement with just a heartbeat echoey noise going: thump thump, thump thump. Just as scary and off-putting, infinitely less annoying.

Don't kill people with no reason or add a reaction thing so we can at least survive it with quick reflexes or something.

dawnland responds:

I am very sorry for the noise! - IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

I don't know how it happened but I have fixed this and updated this file. I also submitted an all new version with some feedback implemented -
Under judgment: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/582362

Thanks for your long review and high score despite the annoying sound! It's a lot better without it, believe me!


I loved the game, it was well done and scary. But the noise did kill my ears, as others had said. Besides that, great job. ^^

dawnland responds:

I am very sorry for the noise! - IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

I don't know how it happened but I have fixed this and updated this file. I also submitted an all new version with some feedback implemented -
Under judgment: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/582362

Thanks for your long review and high score despite the annoying sound! It's a lot better without it, believe me!

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Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2011
6:19 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click