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Hello Fellow Newgrounders!

This is the first game I have ever made. I made it for a project in University and I thought about sharing it with the rest of the world.

You are the Baconator! A pig so awesome he can fly using his tail as a rotor!
Your enemies are the evil COW, who wants to squish you with his meat hammer. The chicken just wants to poke your eyes out, and the snake that just loves messing with you.
You are also awesome enough to turn into a fireball! This will make you dash forward and protect you from some of your enemies.

Hope you all have as much fun playing the game as I had creating the game.
For any questions, comments, or bugs please leave me a message here.

Controls/Instructions explained:

Holding the Mouse Button or Up Arrow Key makes the pig fly upwards, letting go makes the pig fall (they are fat and prone to gravity).
Press Spacebar to turn into a sizzling fireball. While you are a fireball you move faster and any chickens you touch will explode (mmm.. chicken)
Cows and snakes are unaffected by your awesome fireball.
Do not go to high or to low (out of bounds)

Happy gaming! :)


It wasn't very good.

It was alright

Its a nice time waster, but the lack of varieties among the enimies made it get boring fast.

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HohlistiX responds:

Thanks for the review!

All games are nice ways to waste time, if you look at it that way :P
I doubt most avoider games have a wide variety of enemies, the fun is getting past them whilst the game is getting faster and faster. Takes quite some skill after a certain point.

How am i suppose to turn into a fireball...

You should really explain the controls lol cause a snake chicken and cow all came at once and fucked me up.
Also if u plan on continueing the creation of this:
Add a pause menu

HohlistiX responds:

The controls are in the instructions page before the beginning of the game.
Spacebar turns you into a fireball. You can kill chickens, and only chickens as a fireball.

I dont believe a pause menu is needed. Each play will only last a minute or so, more if you are a good player. Being able to pause to see whats coming and prepare yourself is not something i wanted as part of the gameplay. If you really need to get away because of an emergency, let the pig squeal. :P

Now, if anyone could tell me how to get that high score board working, that would be great. I read somewhere that the scoreboard needs to be approved or something. :O

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3.61 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2011
4:55 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid