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Avania episode 2 part 2

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Oct 23, 2011 | 11:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Looking for constructive feedback.
First let me say that I don't want people to complain that I made a character half-demon. I know it's not that original. So what? I wanted demon in my story so I'll put one in my story.
I don't want to hear "your copying Naruto, inuyasha, etc." Well those stories weren't the first demon themed stories anyway. Demons have been in mythology for who knows how long. And every idea comes from an inspiration. Naruto has been one of my inspirations, along with pendragon the book series, fruits baskets, There she is the animation, Brackenwood animations, and avatar: the last airbender.
The reason I'm saying this is because someone claimed that my "different" animation was copied from Elfen Lied.
About a boy who is bullied alot. he had horns too. Which is probably why he/she assumed that. Well Elfen Lied's not the first show to feature bullying as a problem.
On to the actually commentary:
Z is actually my least favorite character along with Kedar in the black bird group. They seem to be the least developed characters.
As for my favorite characters they are Kazim, the rama, and Freak (who didn't show up yet)

Oh, and all the black stuff splattered on the trees and ground was actually blood but I didn't want to scare people away so I made it black. I didn't know if black blood counted as mild voilence or not. so I put it in mild voilence catergory just to be safe.
(I noticed there were a couple line issues)
Whoops, I mispronounced King Aeron's name -.-

Voice roles are still open. Voice role are on my journal on my website. It will continue to be there until I have a role for everyone.

Thank David (HonorOfStyle) for the music it definately made it more interesting.

Voice roles:

Felico- Mike Joseph (EyesAdrift) (sorry I didn't know how to put him in the audio credit) anyone mind showing me how?

Everyone else- me
I'm going to try to not be so negative on my animations and what other people think. It's going to be hard.-.-



Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey it's me again!!and guess what?!!

i was looking on my account and i noticed that the comment i made on the last episode of avania was my 100TH comment! and i only comment on a flash that i really like or really hate.(i really like the story, if anyone is wondering)and so once again i am satisfied by your work. so good job and keep it up,okay?

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Deer50 responds:

thanks and congrats :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's fine

I'm actually going to go back and watch the earlier episodes.

I do see some potential issues with storytelling which I might comment on after seeing the other parts.

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :) You should have watched the other episodes before watching this one. Otherwise it will be confusing...
I don't think it has issues with storytelling I think you have to watch the other parts first. lol