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Two Princes

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Hey guys, hope you like this. It's an ode to the Sega Master System really, as the lead developer grew up playing his non-stop. We tried to give it a retro feel with game play that could hold up to today's standards, so hope you enjoy!


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now there's a quite awesome retropixel adventuring! I found it nice on how you managed to keep the old mastersystem 8-bit atmosphere, music and all. And speaking of which, the music's great - but what about some mute button too?

Overall, I hope you work on more retro-like games - you've got the touch for it! =D

It's a good game, but it became annoying whenever one man would die and then I was stuck because he was back at the beginning while the other is near the end... then even killing the other doesn't seem to help. This causes a problem because I then can not continue, having it to where if you die with one that one starts at the same check point as the other (like, if you're past an area where you needed both of them to get past then he is still past that area after dying) would be nice.

retro Indead

this game definitely hits that retro mark.. and it plays really well, There are some bugs but I cannot remember where. Good game though, and considering today's standards is detailed 3d a bit of retro, if done well, is always welcome.

All right

So, your basic Lost Vikings kind of game; the problem is that moving around and jumping just seems sloooooow. Every time I miss I jump I find myself thinking "Oh no, am I going to have to go through that AGAIN?". Also, I was disappointed by the lack of Spin Doctors music.

Worth Playing

Hey I just played this game, and I must say it was worth playing and an enjoyable experience. You even have a great sense of humor throughout.