Meet Midnight!

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This is my new comic series, CrAzY pLaCe!!
the star of this comic is the first character I ever created, Midnight J. Panther, who came into existence about 8 years ago. (She's supposed to have ears and a tail, but I'm too lazy to add them.) Midnight is the first of many characters you'll meet.

Okay, for this who don't get it, this is more of a joke for my deviantart followers than anything else. ( http://midnightpanther.deviantart.com ) I tried for years to make a sprite comic called MP's Comic Universe, but that ran into so many problems I finally just dropped it. This comic is joking about how I never really drew any of them before.... that and my drawing skills SUCK! (Especially with a mouse. *points to comic*)

On another note, I FINALLY GOT THE [expletive] BUTTONS WORKING!!! :D
Clicking Next on the last panel will jump you back to the start of the comic. Again, laziness.


Very cute

Hey, nice to see another Jen Irwin fan! I miss her and RotFW series!

Yes, I know this is old, but hey! I felt like commenting!

Creator-Sama responds:

Why thank you!

Remember when Ruins/Ashes Of The Fourth Wall used to be popular? Now is poof. :(

Yes, I know this is old, but hey! I felt like replying! *total smartass*


well....you should try some more...
(take the work on this review as the work done in this flash)

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Creator-Sama responds:

I spent several weeks on this. 5 hours drawing and coloring it with my mouse and a few weeks to figure out how to get my stupid buttons to work. -sucks at coding-
I appreciate your review, though. Even if I don't really agree with it. ^_^
Thanks for the input!

Cool Art

Nice Artwork, Cool concept looking forward to the animated series.

Creator-Sama responds:

Thank you! That means so much!! And I'm probably going to try other art styles, since I've yet to find one that works for me. x3

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Oct 23, 2011
6:00 PM EDT