Never Give Up.

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To commemorate my tenth year of membership with NG I present this montage of Flash skills from 2001 to 2006. For a little insight on its making, choose "about" from the title screen. For a bit more, read on...

My initial experience with (then-Macromedia) Flash was a frustrating puzzle; a fall 2000 Web Design class in which we were instructed to "follow the tutorials". Following my below-mediocre results, I abandoned the program entirely; I /hated/ it because I just didn't /get/ it.

The next September brought upon Newgrounds a tsunami of 9|11 tributes with varying degrees of quality. Then came VicViper's "B.B.Hood vs Bin Laden", a masterpiece equal parts sprite movie and interactive political cartoon. Fueled by inspiration, I dove back in and within weeks knew more Flash than months spent in Web Design. With the following seasons came more inspiration and discovery, culminating in my first big FLA'nimation, "ParoVadius: THE MOVIE!!!"

Of meek beginnings in October of 2002, NEVER GIVE UP would eventually serve as a proving ground for new techniques and now stands as a testament to progress; if I was able to figure this stuff out, so can you. Go for it. NEVER GIVE UP.

[10-24-2011 12:53PM EST: First 1st EVER! The love is much appreciated. Now go create some awesome things!!!]


Great motivational video!

It's important to remember, never to give up your passion. I've gotten a growing passion for writing, though I do not have a lot of time or energy to make anything. I do not give up, however! :)

The video itself is a bit messy and confusing at times, but except from that, I like it for it's simple, powerful and awesome message. :)


I never thought a Daily Feature with a fairly low rating could be this good! This is incredible because it's a fantastic tribute to yourself for all of the hard work you have done over the years. It's amazing to see so many different styles of artwork in one place! You totally deserve this Daily Feature and it's a shame you aren't more well known. I think the coolest bit would have to be the one with the road and the giant monster in the background. These designs are wonderfully done.

When he said, "What you say?" I was expecting an "All Your Base" reference. Turns out, I did eventually get it in the montage. The music does a great job of setting up the insanity of this too. I hope that you continue to make awesome stuff like this. You have certainly given me inspiration to never give up, even though I will probably never become a flash creator. Thank you for making something so colorful!

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Psycho Mantis says:

I see you like playing Castlevania...

DYNAKYRIS responds:

<Metal Gear Awesome>"YOU CAN SEE INTO MY MIND?!"</Metal Gear Awesome>


Not a fan of the music, it didn't leave me very inspired and all. Cool animations though.


I was hoping this would make it through Judgement.
Felt it very inspiring.

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