Sonic X-pals

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With a battle in space and your loosing. Its time to do anything to win or die trying. With the Blue typhoon engines disabled and the enemy at the ready to kill. Tails discovers a weak spot and exploits it.

Made with a time limit so I couldn't fix the the small problems like the eyes fluxing and of course the sloppy art. Animated on Toon Boom, sounds on Adobe premiere and converted over to Flash. Make the best of it and try to enjoy.


I laughed

but I can see why people didn't like it, I may like the animation, but for some reason, people on newgrounds don't understand that not only do most artists have their own style, the animators aren't getting PAID for such qualities, a lot of other people might pick on it simply because it is a sonic parody...there are millions of them on this site already so people become snobby, to me I like most of them because I am a sonic fan, and finally the joke's been done, however this one is different because they actually acknowledge what a fucking stupid idea it was to shoot their best friend out of a missile launcher, where as most shut stop at the crash. I say good job and best of luck in your future animations

kalabor106 responds:

It is hard to keep tabs on what has been done. Pretty much every thing, sort of like the saying "The Simpsons did it," on South Park no matter what they tried to do. Its just how its told now days since very story has been told in some way or another. Anyhow thanks for the review and I'm glad you laughed.


I love the animation style. It's sloppy and weird(in a good way) but still fluid. The voice acting was good and the jokes were great. There's no real reason to not like this animation (unless you've never seen sonic X) and I see no major flaws. One of the best Sonic parodies might I add.

kalabor106 responds:

Your to kind. And yes it is sloppy. Someday it will get better. Thanks


I think those bad reviewers see a Sonic parody and automatically become convinced it's crap. This was hilarious and terrifically animated.

I don't know much about Sonic. Like I don't know why they're in a spaceship or who Chris is or what a hot dog is doing there. I do know who Amy is, but that's only because I played Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Wii. But in a way, my ignorance just made it funnier.

kalabor106 responds:

I couldn't agree more. Sonic parodies your playing with fire. If you go a little awry from the story its a instant hate.


I really like it.. Idk why everyone else doesn't... I thought the animation was classic.

kalabor106 responds:

Some take it to heart I guess.


Love it! Get's funnier every time I watch it! Especially the disclaimer at the end!

kalabor106 responds:

And the reaction of tails when he finally figures out how they do it. Glad you love it. Thanks for watching.

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2011
4:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody