Sonic X-pals

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With a battle in space and your loosing. Its time to do anything to win or die trying. With the Blue typhoon engines disabled and the enemy at the ready to kill. Tails discovers a weak spot and exploits it.

Made with a time limit so I couldn't fix the the small problems like the eyes fluxing and of course the sloppy art. Animated on Toon Boom, sounds on Adobe premiere and converted over to Flash. Make the best of it and try to enjoy.


Pretty Good

The animation is alright, beter than I can pull of at this juncture, and overall I found it very funny. Love the hot dog: "This one's for you, chilli" XD

(I'd like to point out that I use 7 as Good but Needs Improvement)

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the death of one...

IS TOTALLY WORTH SEEING CHRIS GO! <.< well we didn't really see it...but the thought is still there!

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kalabor106 responds:

If I had more time I might of. But its sort of there for the imagination to know what might happen to him. Bet its not going to be good. Anyhow thanks for the review.


It was alright, but it was still one of those movies that relies on bizzare, out of place animation to get its humor across which got pretty tired after Egoraptor overused it time and time again.

kalabor106 responds:

Its not polite to talk while yawning.
Sorry had to. Honestly I'm trying to draw better but you can tell it needs some practice. I'll agree on that.

This is what I always imagined.

Every time they shot Sonic out of that damn cannon, I thought about the consequences of firing living things as ammunition. It was just like that!

And yeah... they should've used "irritating kid" first...

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah, human cannon ball idea was and still isn't a good idea. Even if Sonic is made of some sort of unbreakable material. Wait... Unbreakable the movie with the guy that couldn't be hurt, but his weakness is water. sort of like Sonic and, Hu.... never mind.
Thanks for the review ;)



kalabor106 responds:

I know right?!?!

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2011
4:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody