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Kit and the Octopod

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//EDIT: 24th Oct 2011
I just wanted to say thanks so much for the front page! Believe it or not I first signed up to Newgrounds in 2001 as a very young kid, and ever since then I've wanted to be honoured with this rare privilege - so a very heartfelt thanks to Tom and the whole Newgrounds team!

Help your new found friend The Octopod rescue the girl of his dreams from the evil Bad Mood Bear!

Can you collect all 16 medals, rescue all hostages, return every chicken to its nest, defeat all enemies and conquer the Bad Mood Bear?

Directions Keys - Move
Hold up - Wall Run
Tap A - Punch & Kick Attack
Hold A - Wrench Attack
Attack + Up - Hit Upwards (Good for chickens & enemies)
S - Jump
D - Throw Octopod
D + Up - Throw Octopod Upwards
P - Pause



i find the most frusfrating are the controls.

- Maybe it's just me, but i'm too use to having the up arrow key as jump, so i fall off cliffs many times.
- Holding A for wrench attack is more diffulting than spamming a different key, i gave up on sending the chicken back to their nest, because landing a wrench hit is very hard, especially mid air, and i can't move while attacking, maybe it's another thing i'm just not use to.
- Jumping... jumping when standing next to a wall causes me to jump backwards, what's up with that?? this makes chicken-delivering very hard!
- Wall jump, having the arrow keys to jump is annoying, i think it's better to only just have the jump key to... jump off walls. manuvering/running around between walls causes me to jump unnecessary, i need to jump when i want to, especially jumping off the walls.

but, I did enjoy the sweet music, animation, art, and i had fun.

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However when fighting the bear he jumped out of play area :/


This was a fantastic game, with very little to improve upon. Rather than going through all of the things that made it amazing (the music was one of these things), I'll just say what I would change: he controls were a bit unresponsive at times, and I would have preferred A to be jump and S to be attack. That's it.
Excellent work.

Not bad

Full of glitches and pointlessly difficult points.
For instance, occasionally I would glitch through platforms and at several points the archers are unapproachable, and you don't realise one is there until it's too late. As well, the pirate mode would be better if the parrot could do more then just scout.

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cant stop playing

funny this average village kid brings a wrench to help him on a platformer quest but mario whos a plumber doesnt. what is this world coming to.

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4.18 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2011
4:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other