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Undead Throne

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Author Comments

Fight your way through the Draconian continent using spells, creatures and powerful items.

Features more than 100 unique creatures including humans, elves, dwarves, demons, four legged monsters, giant insects, treants, undead, vampires and huge dragons.

Complete your item sets by forging or by farming, or by buying stuff from npc stores.

Hire different henchmen across 41 different locations.

Unlock 29 different spells and abilities ranging from powerful strikes to elemental enchantments and summons.

Finally, use whatever spells and items you've unlocked to test your mettle in the survival mode and see who can get the highest score

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I have completed the game! wooooooowwowowowooooo

too tough gameplay


Really what quality flash is made of!

Great Game! I was a big fan of Zombie Knight, and this is an improvement to it on many levels. Congratulations for producing such a fun and entertaining game, I hope to offer some constructive criticism and also am looking forward to the next installment!
First, what I felt you got totally right:
1) The massive number of foes is soooo much fun! The gameplay would have been very repetitive if not for this and a few other fine signs of polish -- the variation kept things fresh. The best Brawlers always spoil you for variety of foes. You delivered.
2) The Crafting system and mercs features are a sheer JOY to see.

What could improve:
1) The crafting system needs a bit of balance. Make the best items require more resources (much more) to give motivation to build up or farm certain bad guys for the right materials. Or make items enchant able in stages -- i.e., you can't just make relic armor, you have to start with a lower level set, (say elven) and upgrade it numerous times until it is finally dragon armor which you can upgrade to relic. It would take more time, and more resources -- give the player more to aspire to.
2) Have the skills require certain resources in addition to gold to unlock. Some of these skills are Massively overpowered. Have the resource/gold cost reflect that -- if somebody had to work hard to get the skill, they won't feel it's so overpowered when they actually acquire it.
3) Give overall bonuses for wearing parts or a full set of armor. Mixing and matching is very cool, but giving somebody motivation to deck out in a particular set would be nice too.
4) Cinematics were cool, but as was already mentioned -- it is leaning too much on the same effects.
5) A little more fleshing out of the story would be really cool. Even just a little bit of dialogue on the merc hiring screens explaining how the creatures used to be enemies but now gladly (or grudgingly) serve the player would go a LONG way to fleshing out the world. The first time the player sees the highest tier monsters in an area might also be an opportunity for a little flavor text to help immersion -- like when the grey wolf alphas first show up -- the screen can flash a little text saying "Your corruption must have spread far to finally reach us here -- Once we feast on your bones the elder dragons will reward us for toppling your corrupting influence -- Arroooooo!!!" Stuff like that... you know, give all those cool looking characters some personality!
6) Seriously consider implementing something akin to developing the realm... Instead of shields that are solid or greyed out to imply conquered/not conquered... if you can go to the trouble making the places look like little towns, caves, dungeons, etc. When you conquer them, they change into YOUR structure (some necromantic building) -- plus, the first territory the player conquers would be a castle/home-base and the stronger the player got (measured in gold, or skills unlocked, etc,) the cooler or more ominous the home castle looked (it could be as simple as a small dark tower, then put some graves around it, then it's a simple dark castle picture, then a dark castle glowing with dark energy. Considering your spectacular artistic skills on the monsters some landscaping would be well within your talents and help tremendously.

Overall, a SPECTACULAR game. Some of the other suggestions in other reviews are really helpful as well. GREAT game!!


Why there are so many faults?

First the shops, you can´t buy anything that helps you, the armors in the shops are so bad and so expensive, there is no reason to visit them only if you want to sell your items. It is so boring to get new armor, I've got a sword in the first level, and it was the best sword I have found for the most time of the game.

Then the levels, there are levels marked with hard, some of them are really hard, and some of them are easy like some of the first levels.

And why I can´t level up my skills? I have them and if the enemys get to hard I can´t use them and have to buy other skills.

Also the mercs have been annoying, they are pushing you away and you can´t attack the enemys, and because they are so weak, they die after some enemys.

And the most weird thing: DRAGONS. First I thought, yeah, they have to be hard as hell, then I started to play them, you go to the dragon, use zombify and the dragon is dead, the same with the "impossible" dragon, lol.
And that´s the reason i've stopped playing, I just had to play the dragon levels so often till i got the armor I want. The dragons are easier then the other levels and drop better armor...
Sorry but i didn´t like it.

changko18 responds:

why? because it's harder to make a good game than you think

Not bad

So I played this all the way through and it was a pretty well put-together game. The art was decent, the gameplay was fairly enjoyable, and it had some nice touches.

Here's my beefs to begin with:

- The cutscenes are a joke. Really, how long are you going to milk panning outward? The longer spent on that the sooner the initial appeal of the art fades and you start noticing the sloppiness. Add some animation there, or just make them shorter.

- The benefits of each base item seem somewhat arbitrary, and some things are unaccessible for enchantments. For instance, the number one thing that would kill me would be stunlocking, but you can't enchant for stun resistance.

- The story had no story whatsoever, really. It seems to me so much more could have been done with it.

- The difficulty curve is totally wonky. I died time and time again in fallmoor because of the axe elves combined with the ice-bolt weenies, but every dragon was cake once I was geared up enough, and there's nothing that I couldn't stomp into a pulp once I hired fire demon henchmen, and the damage of most "damage" spells was pathetic compared to the zombie wrath triple-crit.

Something I would have included would be add some sort of cutscene or significance when a particular race falls, like the orcs or the dwarves or the vampires. They should have their own boss battle, and the dragons needed to be WAY tougher because they were literally a nuissance you could easily farm once you got geared up, and it wasn't hard to farm my way to all godly gear fairly quickly.