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This is the end, my only friend; the end

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~continued review

The Maynard James Keenan scene. The music set the mood for this one. The type writer like text being revealed slowly created an anticipation that was unbearable. What dark secrets and truths do you hold?? The images were candid like my voyeur porn. This was a very thought provoking animation. Could Maynard and Tool really have been influenced by the Southwest Strangla and the Duke of the Wicked? Your brilliant display of evidence points the way...

The flash then ends..

The end of Atomlab. I mean Atomlad. From the humble beginings of chemistry class.. and beyond. May Atomlad die so his eternal soul can fly back through the portal.

Blossom into your new being. One of prestige, accomplishment, and success. Express yourself sir. You are the most "animated" person I know.

A true inspiration...

Articulated emotions. Expresses vicissitude.

The preloader immediately took my interest. It activated empathy in my being. The image created speaks more than any well-developed display of adjectives could ever show. I was impressed by the use of signs to begin speaking to your audience. It was engaging but at the same time not too in our faces.

The first animation had relaxing colors. The facial expressions on your characters were well in sync and the eyes illustrated just as much of their 'character' as the lip syncing did. The voice acting was relaxing and very realistic. I say realistic to express the manner by which beings communicate where I am from. The voices connecting me to the animation. I felt as if I was on public transportation. Finally the transition. The rainbow barrage of color and immediate leap into the unknown amplified with that use of sound took my mind away from my current "vibe" of relaxation. I had no idea what i was in for.

The next animations began much like the last. With a stage like appearance and narration on what to expect. The narration of the events that took place in the dragon ball D universe were delivered in a way that showed the hopelessness one must feel in that universe presently. The *bleep* also provided humor and caught my attention. After the destruction I was relieved to see the world was created 'again'.

The third scenes use of music gave me a feeling of wonder and interest. The eeriness grabbed my attention. When i saw the dark blue backdrop and the outlined face I felt a sense of sadness, anger, focus, passion, and discipline in the being before me. Wonderful use of angles, well synced with the music.

The fourth scene... well hmm. It was a very abrupt transition but almost connected with the previous. As if the "blue" character had snapped. My first image was of a young man holding a weapon that has too much power for his current state of mind. This mind state being that of u instability, insanity, and negativity. At first I noticed this character had shot a nazi. Without being too biased, I'd like to say the negative feelings were taken out on a person (the nazi) who has brought pain to others or even the main character. When I saw the red outline of the character, it occurred to me. This young man is doomed. He has just committed a heinous act. So that must have motivated his next move. He approaches a woman's window with the handgun. A man with a ski-mask enters. I was confused whether or not it was a rape attempt or they were just a kinky couple. So either our 'protagonist' was trying to be a hero.. or kill the man for some sort of jealousy, vengeance, or attempt to win the girl. I then saw the protagonist wave so this gave me two feelings. Either he was showing her he saved her and thought she was cute. or he was trying to let her know who committed the act against her lover, to fulfill some psychological twist in his mind. When the woman shot herself in the head. (not sure where THAT gun came from) our 'hero' was in shock. As if he just realized what he had caused. (that being the murder of he lover shock, or her way to show rejection of his moves on her). Either way the pain is evident. The main character then commits suicide. Reasons are obvious. The music still plays merrily, showing how the world lives on with ignorant bliss to the pain of others. The art style was fitting for the emotions and animation was decent.

The following scene "o riely" was a political movie. It was a subtle attempt to expose the bigoted views of Bill. The voice acting was too quiet and overpowered by the dramatic action music. However it made it's point. The animation was nice and showed character. Bill's character that is. The sissy hating bigot. Also noticed the phallic mouth for a frame or so.

As the music played on.. we saw a spiked haired being do a kick. Not sure the type of kick however. Though I did choose hitmonlee in pokemon leaf green.

We then saw "ugly me". A display of disgust. IMO it reflects the inner feelings of this individual. Feelings that have been created by our culture. That feeling of self-disgust :(

yo mang tight shit

i was like wow man i always knew that maynard was a gay clown nazi fuck man i ogtt tell the d

thanks for using my amazing song most amazing ever

Atomlad responds:

im just suprised that u made that awesome there she is hentai! you make gr8 music too!

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Oct 20, 2011
9:26 PM EDT
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